I’m very proud to announce the General Availability of Veeam Management Pack (MP) v7 for System Center. A while ago, we announced the beta of Veeam MP to the world and the positive feedback we got was overwhelming. The beta however only included the new Microsoft Hyper-V functionality. Today the product is available, including the full capabilities for VMware vSphere and Veeam Backup & Replication.

Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center

As mentioned in my previous blog, we changed the product name to Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center, from Veeam Management Pack for VMware. Now that we manage and monitor multi-hypervisor environments, and the data protection associated with it, we are more than ever able to give you complete visibility in your data center. With Veeam MP you can avoid data loss because you know your systems and data are available, you have verified protection by confirming that your protection strategy meets your RPO targets and you mitigate risk by eliminating the blind spots you have in your environment today and you understand the relationships between the different components.

What’s new?

So what’s new? Too much to cover it all, but of course full functionality and the same key features we have for vSphere are now available for Hyper-V also. But we didn’t stop there. We went much further and enhanced Veeam Management Pack with unique, new dashboards. You can now use in-context dashboards, real-time information from your hypervisor, live heatmaps, traffic light widgets and much more to make sure that you have complete visibility over your environment and really start proactive monitoring.

We already had monitoring, reporting and capacity planning for Veeam Backup & Replication in vSphere environments and now Veeam MP can do the same thing for Hyper-V also.

Last but not least, Veeam MP has new reporting that allows you to analyze your environment and get recommendations for your hybrid cloud capacity planning.

More editions!

Veeam MP was previously available in two editions―the free Veeam MP for Veeam Backup, which delivers topology views, alerting, events, availability and reporting templates for only Veeam Backup & Replication―and the full version of Veeam MP, which includes advanced dashboarding, reporting, and much more for vSphere and Veeam Backup & Replication.

Today, we announced three editions to better meet our customers’ needs and budget. We continue to offer the free edition, and we’ve now added Veeam MP Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions.

Management Pack Version 7 Editions

Figure 1: MP Editions

Enterprise edition is a slimmed-down version for companies that don’t need all the functionality in Veeam MP Enterprise Plus edition. As you can see in Figure 1, the Enterprise edition doesn’t have the capacity planning and modeling, right-sizing and optimization, reporting availability and protection and failover data collection for vSphere.

If you are a customer with active maintenance, you are entitled to upgrade to the Enterprise Plus edition.

A couple of highlights

Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V

If you want to see real-time information of the compute resources that are being used on your host, then you can’t use Windows Task Manager to get that information. Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V, which is an in-context dashboard, delivers the functionality where you can see exactly what kind of CPU and memory resources are being used on your host and the VMs running on that host.

Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V

Figure 2: Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V

Capacity planning widgets

Capacity planning widgets are great for proactive monitoring. You can quickly see the state of your cluster on compute or storage capacity and the prediction or forecast of how long you will be able to run with your current resources based on historical data. From the moment you see that you might run out of resources soon, you can use the extensive reporting to view more in-depth details about your resources and use that information to make the necessary decisions, so that your compute and storage don’t run out of resources in the future.

Capacity Forecast dashboard

Figure 3: Capacity Forecast dashboard

Heatmap widgets

Heatmap widgets are also heavily used for proactive monitoring. In a single glance you can see how your environment is performing on different performance counters and for clusters, hosts and VMs. Because they are color-coded, you can quickly see the performance and use drill-through dashboards to investigate deeper into the different objects to detect potential or future issues.


Figure 4: Heatmaps showing one VM with memory issue

Top-traffic light widgets

Traffic light widgets are also color-coded and show you various counters and the state of these counters based on your parameters. By combining this in the Top N widgets, we have created a large number of dashboards that provide you again with current information on your infrastructure.

Top N widgets for virtual machines

Figure 5: Top N widgets for virtual machines

Hybrid cloud reporting

The Veeam MP now offers capacity planning for hybrid cloud. These reports analyze your environment and recommend the cloud IaaS resources you would need to run your workload either for Microsoft Azure or VMware Hybrid Cloud Service. This solves a real dilemma today for companies considering a hybrid cloud, because you have to know what you are getting into! The sample report below does just that, it gives concrete examples (in native Azure or vCHS terms) on what it will take to run this slice of infrastructure in a hybrid cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Reporting

Figure 6: Hybrid Cloud Reporting


Veeam Management Pack for System Center delivers multi-hypervisor management and data protection management in a single pane of glass with correlation to all other objects in your environment through System Center, improved functionality and even more insight to allow proactive monitoring. Extensive reporting and additional tools to show what is happening and what will happen are just a few of the highlights of this functionality.

What you saw here is just the tip of the iceberg of functionality available in Veeam Management Pack v7.

For more information and deep-dive demos, join us in this webinar "Veeam Management Pack v7: Unleash the power of System Center for vSphere and Hyper-V".

Read a white paper "Hyper-V monitoring and reporting with Veeam Management Pack for System Center"

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