Ready, Steady, Go! Vanguard Class for 2022 is Around the Corner!

New Nominations for the 2022 class are now CLOSED. We will announce members of this year Vanguard class at the end of February. Fingers crossed to all applicants!

The current year is getting closer to its end every day, and as we approach the last month of 2021, that means one thing for the Veeam Vanguard Program: the opening of renewals and nominations for the upcoming 2022 class of our top-notch expert community in the IT industry! Next year, our community program will celebrate eight years of excellence, and we´re very excited to see who will join our Veeamazing group of heroes!

Because most conferences in 2021 had to be held online, we’ve been trying to find new ways to engage Veeam Vanguards and help them grow their potential through our expert community. I’m glad to see we’ve seen a lot of great contributions from Vanguards in 2021 despite all the challenges this year brought. We´ve been able to overcome the physical distance and stay connected, involved and support each other!

A real highlight for this year was the Veeam Vanguard Summit. We had to cancel the 2020 event due to the global situation, but we were able to hold it this year in a hybrid format! I won´t say it was easy, as there were so many new things to be aware of, but it was absolutely worth it to see how powerful our Vanguard community is when meeting in person! Of course, people could participate through our livestream too. It was an intense week full of sessions jam-packed with tons of new information, and Vanguards went above and beyond, asking great questions to Veeam presenters.

Vanguards have been a tremendous support to Veeam. They share their knowledge about Veeam products with their audience and peers, participate as presenters at various Veeam events (from local VUGs to presenting at VeeamON) and are awesome Veeam ambassadors. It’s also amazing to think that we’ve been able to involve all Vanguards, no matter their location. Thanks to the incredible contribution of those individuals, our community stuck together despite the physical distance, and we´ve been able to do some Veeamazing things together.

You might be wondering how someone can join the Veeam Vanguard Program. What we´re looking for is a mix of different ingredients, such as passion and, most importantly, knowledge and experience with Veeam products. Other activities related to Veeam are also helpful. You might blog about our products, have a podcast focusing on different technologies or you might speak at conferences about us. It’s also absolutely essential that all program members are willing to share their knowledge, learn the latest product updates and release notes, and work to become a Veeam expert in your industry.

Veeam Vanguard Program perks include learning, sharing and a chance to meet new people and make new friends. You also get to interact with all members of the program (it’s awesome to watch everyone work together to solve a problem ASAP).

Would you like to become a part of this Veeamazing group of professionals? Just submit your application right here! Or if you know someone else, share this article with them so they can apply! We´ll keep the submissions open till January 5, and share the accepted names in February. Good luck!

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