We live in a digital world, where users — young and old, at home or at work — demand constant access to information and services. No matter the purpose, we all expect a seamless experience, and this is driving enterprises to re-think their operations to deliver a reliable offering to their consumers. However, it seems that many organizations are facing an uphill battle to do this, and it’s caused by one thing: Poor Availability.

According to research we published today (the 2017 Veeam Availability Report), it seems that enterprises are still struggling with an Availability Gap — the gap between what users need and the service IT can deliver. In fact, 82% of enterprises across the globe admit to having this problem, which costs the average enterprise $21.8M each year…yes, you read that right! The cost is caused by downtime and data loss, and doesn’t even include wider ramifications such as damage to brand reputation and customer confidence. This is a serious issue for every company on the planet, and is caused by something that is totally avoidable.

However, if that wasn’t bad enough, our study shows that while the financial impact is immense, poor Availability is hindering innovation. Of the 1,060 senior decision makers we surveyed across 24 countries, 69% stated that Availability is a core requirement which underpins their Digital Transformation strategies. Yet, more than two thirds freely admit that poor Availability is stifling their innovation efforts and setting them back. Wow!

In an age where users demand a 24.7.365 digital life, where children (like mine) are growing up expecting unfettered access to services and will enter the business world demanding a ubiquitous experience, to hear that enterprises are failing to deliver the most basic tenets of Availability is scary. As a business leader, I find this alarming. As a user, I am frustrated. As a father, I am concerned.

To succeed in today’s highly competitive market, enterprises need to ensure that their foundations are solid, and Service Availability is paramount. Users want to be sure that their information and services are available wherever they need them, no matter where they reside, and as organizations look to embrace technologies such as the cloud to offer greater agility, reliability and simplicity, the underlying foundation of Availability is imperative. Veeam’s study shows that many companies are not investing in this, and while it must be a major concern for many users, there is a solution. What is it? Well, I encourage you, the many enterprises out there struggling with this dilemma, to call Veeam to find out. We can help you deliver the Always-On Availability that users demand and we can help you flourish in your Digital Transformation journey.

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