The number of IT job postings in virtualization grows rapidly from year to year showing the demand for specialists with necessary skills and knowledge. To meet this demand, in the beginning of 2014, Veeam introduced the Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification. This program helps Veeam experts stand out amongst the rest of IT professionals.

In this article, I will present an overview of the new program, explain where and how to prepare for a certification exam, and answer other frequently asked questions. So after reading this article, you will understand how to become a certified Veeam expert.

Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification

We know that certified IT professionals bring more value to their companies, show better performance and reduce costs by being ahead of the curve. Let’s consider VMCE certification in more details.


What is the Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification?

As it was already mentioned above, the VMCE certification is a new program launched by Veeam in 2014 validating your knowledge and skills to perform a wide array of tasks with Veeam solutions. It confirms that you hold the necessary level of technical expertise to correctly architect, implement, configure and troubleshoot Veeam products. Today, Veeam certification is available in Europe and North America.


How do you become a Veeam-certified expert? Training course and exam

To become a VMCE, you will need to attend a technical training course and take the exam. The training course is available in-person and online.

You will need to attend a 3-day class led by an instructor (instructor-led training) to prepare for the exam in one of the Veeam Authorized Education Centers. During these three days, you will hear about Veeam’s technology, main features and solutions for virtual environments in details and then work in labs emulating real life scenarios. Classes are available in all Veeam Authorized Education Centers so you can always reserve your seat in advance if you decide to go this route.

Another training option (only available in North America) is to watch a set of 15-minute videos from live courses via a web browser while practice labs will be available remotely 24x7 (these are the same labs available during the instructor-led training). This option provides more learning flexibility as you don’t have to attend face-to-face trainings in class.

The final exam will contain 50 questions selected at random from each course module, and must be taken at a Pearson VUE local testing facility. After passing the final exam with a minimum score of 70%, you will achieve the VMCE credential. Please note that certification can only be obtained if you attend training in one of the methods described above AND pass the exam.


Intended audience

The VMCE certification is intended for system engineers, backup and virtualization admins, solution architects, consultants and any other IT professionals using Veeam solutions (end-users and partners). Before taking the course, you as a participant should have a good understanding of virtualization, backup and recovery principles.


What do I gain from passing a Veeam exam?

By becoming a Veeam Certified Engineer you will have access to all of the benefits provided to the VMCE community, including:

  • You will be able to share your transcript with other IT professionals to prove that you passed the final exam and show your progress toward virtualization technologies.
  • You will be allowed to publicly use the Veeam Certified Engineer logo.
  • You will obtain an access to "No queue for you" phone support, meaning you will have direct access to support for critical onsite issues.

Finally, getting certified means getting recognized by IT professional community.


How long is a Veeam certification valid?

In order to ensure that Veeam certification is a valuable indicator of a candidate’s knowledge, Veeam will require re-certificating on all major releases of Veeam solutions. To upgrade your certification level as a VMCE, you will have 120 days after the release to take the upgrade course and pass the corresponding exam.

If a VMCE fails the exam, there will be another 90 days to re-take the course (full) and pass the exam (full).

If after this time a VMCE didn’t confirm the certification, it will expire.


Course overview

The training course includes 10+ modules covering the following topics:

  • Overview of Veeam products (key features, backup methods, retention policy, etc.).
  • Deployment and configuration (solution architecture, deployment scenarios, etc.).
  • Performing backup, replication, SureBackup, SureReplica, data recovery and more.


I hope you will find this post helpful. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or need assistance.

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  • Mads Fog

    Is there a reason that the Online training is only available in North America?

    • mlevkina

      Hi @madsfog:disqus, thank you for this question!

      Some Veeam Authorized Education Centers in Europe will offer “live online classes”. However generally speaking VODL (video on demand learning) is not culturally widespread in Europe, students like to attend face to face trainings, for countries language specific reasons for instance. We might consider this option in the future if there is huge interest around it.

      • Mads Fog

        What is the price for attending the Online training in North America? (I know I am not able to attend, because I live in Europe, but would like to know if there is a big price difference between North American training options and training options in Europe).

        • mlevkina

          As I know, it depends on a Veeam Authorized Education Center. Veeam has maximum recommended prices, and authorized education centers are free to adapt them in every region.

  • Rick Vanover

    Hi Aram – As far as I know, we’ve not announced any discounts or voucher programs.

    • Aram Avetisyan

      Hello Rick,

      Thanks for reply. I hope you will plan to announce some in future.

  • mlevkina

    Hi @aramavetisyan:disqus, thank you for this question! As I have already mentioned in my previous comments, you need to contact Veeam Authorized Education Centers in your region to get the exact pricing (it might differ).

    Unfortunately, at the moment Veeam doesn’t offer any discounts for partners and customers. I will let you know if anything will change.

    • Aram Avetisyan

      Спасибо за ответ Мария. На самом деле я очень заинтересован с получении данного сертификата. Просто был удевлен прочитав, что будет нужен mandaroty курс . Ведь есть много специалистов которые уже давно работают с продуктом и готовы здать экзамен без каких-либо курсов.

      • mlevkina

        Я с вами согласна, и в то же время верю, что каждый обязательно вынесет для себя что-то новое о продуктах Veeam, особенно о Veeam Backup & Replication, после посещения обучающих курсов.

        Если Вы пришлете мне свои контакты, я постараюсь дать Вам знать, как только появятся какие-либо новости о VMCE сертификации, особенно по части скидок для партнеров и пользователей Veeam.

        • Aram Avetisyan

          Спасибо большое. Всю информацию обо мне, включая контакты, можно найти на моем Linkedin профиле по ссылке http://www.linkedin.com/in/aramavetisyan.

          • mlevkina

            Спасибо! Постараюсь держать Вас в курсе 🙂

    • aurang zaib

      how me get this training in Pakistan because in this region no veeam authorized education centers

  • Kevin Mattes

    $3,000 dollars for a 3 day class? No thank you… All of the VMCE promotional material references the VODL option, but there is nothing on Veeam’s website about it. Can you please clarify? A link, schedule, anything?

    • mlevkina

      Hi Kevin, thank you for this question! All necessary information about the course & schedule should be available on web-sites of the Veeam Authorized Education Centers. You can find all Veeam partners in your region here – http://go.veeam.com/vmce

      We will update http://www.veeam.com soon, so you will be able to find more information about the VMCE certification on the main web-site of Veeam.

  • Ben Jones

    I have looked on all Veeam Authorized Education Centers web sites and they are only offering the ITL and not the VODL option. So far I don’t see anyone offering the VODL option. Am I mistaken, is there someone offering the VODL option as this would be preferred, especially if it is more affordable than the ITL course.

    • mlevkina

      Hi Ben, thank you for this question! Let me check it for you. Where are you from (country)?

      • Ben Jones

        I am from the United States. Some of the course vendors are offering discounts for the ITL course, but I have found now VODL courses. Thanks.

  • John Dagoso

    How come Veeam does not appear anywhere on Pearson’s website?

  • Any indications when the VMCE will become more widely available? As in AsiaPac and in my case Australia?

  • aurang zaib

    Hi me Aurang from Pakistan can any one guide me how me get training here in Pakistan

    • Absar Ahmed Khan

      In Pakistan only OnWire Located in Karachi will provide this training

  • Allister Wade

    Mandatory $3000 training, can’t even do it in Australia anyway, hate to think how much it will cost here in Aus if ever available… Just to then do an exam I could probably pass anyway just off of experience installing and managing Veeam + study/labs.

    Should be like MS certifications – if my employer wants to fork out thousands investing in my skills and send me to some week course for $1000s then great, but if I’m training independently or wanting to improve my skills to move on to a new role I should be able to study myself via labs and documentation like Technet (like Veeam University??) and attempt the exam.

    … Was excited when I saw this certification available, but now I’m just disappointed. You guys there must know how stupid/prohibitive/out of touch your certification is right?

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