Introducing V-index

Today marks the launch of Veeam’s latest community effort, the V-index. I’m very excited about this new offering as it gives the virtualization community access to a number of data points on the growth and adoption of virtualization. All of the research is conducted by Vanson Bourne, an independent company that Veeam has contracted to do the virtualization surveys. Please understand that the survey results are not those of just Veeam customers, Vanson Bourne has their own contact list of companies that they use for these surveys.

From the site:

V-index is an online virtualization industry study performed by Vanson Bourne, an independent market research company. It is based on a survey of 500 enterprises across the US, UK, France and Germany and is designed to measure 3 parameters – virtualization rate, consolidation ratio and primary hypervisor in use.

So what do you get at First off, you get a quick look at virtualization adoption in a series of 3 different areas: penetration rate, consolidation ratio and Hypervisor in use:


You also get access to a series of snippets that you can put on your own blog or website. The data behind these snippets will be automatically updated each time the v-Index is updated (currently quarterly). Here’s a sample snippet:

V-index There are many different sizes and styles to choose from so feel free to pick the one that works best for your site. Also on the site is a page full of infographics on the v-Index results. These infographics show the splits by country for each of the 3 areas in the survey:


Of course, you can also download the full V-index report in PDF format and also provide feedback on other areas or data points you’d like to see in the V-index.

Again, V-index is meant to be a community resource, Veeam’s involvement is to sponsor the survey by Vanson Bourne and make the results available to everyone. You can use any of the data on the V-index site, please check the privacy policy for more information..

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