Remediation Lessons from Ransomware in 2022

Veeam recently published the largest independent ransomware research project of its kind, the 2022 Ransomware Trends Report. Last week, we explored the first question that has to be asked when ransomware is first discovered, “How pervasive was the attack(s)?” But after that, the organization has to decide how it will move forward by remediating the intrusion and its effects. That usually starts with “Whether to pay?” and/or “How to pay?” which was asked in the research:

But there is more to consider in that one doesn’t just “Pay, get a decryption magic wand, and then the world is right again.” It doesn’t work like that. So, the research spent a good amount of effort looking at whether paying enabled remediation. If so, how well? If not, why not?

Modern ransomware protection requires an integrated security architecture that can stretch from endpoints to network and the cloud to detect, correlate and remediate attacks. Your remediation options are essentially either recovering from backups or paying a ransom. The challenge is, just “restoring from backup” oversimplifies the process and causes many organizations to make assumptions about their backup and recovery capabilities, and this often leads to data loss. To avoid the worst-case scenario, Veeam believes that having a plan in place that includes verified, tested and secure backups that can be restored quickly is key to surviving modern attacks like ransomware. It’s important to always remember that your backup infrastructure is part of your overall cybersecurity defense plan and can be the final option for getting back to, or staying in, business.

This is part of a blog series over the next few weeks, to hopefully equip you to have new conversations that are fortified by industry data: 

We hope the series is helpful. If you have questions related to the research, please reach out to us at To learn more about Veeam’s approaches to recovering from ransomware, click here.

And don’t forget to download the 2022 Ransomware Trends Report

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