Announcing the 2022 Ransomware Trends Report

Earlier this year, Veeam published the results of the largest independent research project in the data protection industry, from 3,393 unbiased organizations across 28 countries: The 2022 Data Protection Trends Report. A few of the key findings in that research revealed:

  • Only 24% were not attacked by ransomware — or they were unaware of an attack
  • 16% were attacked once in 2021
  • 60% were attacked 2+ in 2021

Of those attacked, 47% of data was successfully encrypted, and of the encrypted data, only 64% was recoverable. Read that again: Simple math shows the average victim loses 17% of their data per attack.

In many ways, the annual DPR project helps Veeam understand where the industry is moving, what customers are looking for next, and ultimately, where Veeam should focus its innovations. But, as with most research projects, good data brings great questions; and that means “more research” — in this case, a complete project on the causes, impacts, remediations, and learnings from ransomware attacks. To accomplish this, Veeam again contracted with an independent research firm to survey 1,000 organizations that had been attacked by ransomware in 2021. To learn even more, they surveyed four different personas that each have unique responsibilities and perspectives regarding ransomware prevention and remediation:

  • 400 security professionals: Operators of cybersecurity detection or prevention technologies
  • 200 CISOs or other equivalent IT executives: Responsible for cybersecurity preparedness
  • 200 IT operations: Primarily focused on production IT system delivery
  • 200 backup administrators: Operators of backup and recovery mechanisms

Over the next two months, Veeam will be publishing several resources based on the insights of the survey, including comparing when the personas have different views, as well as what worked (and didn’t work) when those organizations attempted to remediate from each attack. Here’s a quick overview of the project and findings:

Download the 2022 Ransomware Trends Report here.

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