Who should back up Salesforce?

In parallel with Veeam releasing Veeam Backup for Salesforce, they also published the data protection industry’s first independent research project on protecting Salesforce data by surveying 800 unbiased respondents across three personas (e.g., Salesforce administrators, backup administrators and IT operations) in the 2022 Salesforce Protection Trends Report.

Last week, we looked at “why” (i.e., drivers) organizations are backing up Salesforce, and saw at least nine motivators or concerns behind why organizations back up Salesforce. This week, we’re looking at which personas are involved in defining the strategies and requirements for protecting Salesforce data, as well as who is typically tasked with the backups themselves.

One of the biggest issues organizations tend to deal with when their data is missing and needs to be retrieved is who exactly is responsible for creating a data protection strategy, and what their Salesforce requirements are within the organization.

It could be IT, the Salesforce administrator or the Salesforce consultant. Trying to backtrack and figure out who should have a backup plan in place usually happens after a data loss scenario with no chance of recovery. Salesforce data retention is also often not top-of-mind, since most organizations claim to retain their Salesforce data for less than a year. This short period of time often does not fulfill retention mandates, and losing large amounts of contacts could be devastating to a sales team. With so many people touching Salesforce, it can be hard to know what changes are being made, and how long it would take to discover those changes. With less than half of organizations feeling that they could restore data and metadata within 24 hours. Where would that leave your team with no access to their data?

Veeam Backup for Salesforce eliminates the risk of losing your data due to human error, integration issues or other Salesforce data losses. With incremental sync and flexible scheduling, you can back up your Salesforce data almost continuously. Set your backup to hourly and remove the fear of data loss!

We covered some aspects of the research on our LiveStream on Nov. 1, and we’ll continue looking deeper within a three-part blog series:

  1. Why back up your Salesforce data?
  2. Who backs up your Salesforce data?
  3. Can you restore your Salesforce data?

Download the 2022 Salesforce Protection Trends Report and be sure to check out the Veeam Backup for Salesforce information.

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