Why back up Salesforce?

In parallel with Veeam releasing Veeam Backup for Salesforce, they also published the data protection industry’s first independent research project on protecting Salesforce data by surveying 800 unbiased respondents across three personas (e.g., Salesforce administrators, backup administrators, IT operations) in the 2022 Salesforce Protection Trends Report.

Over the next few weeks, Veeam will publish several resources based on the insights of the survey, including comparing when the personas have different views around why, who and how organizations are backing up their Salesforce data (or not), starting with the most foundational question of “why”.

The need for a Salesforce backup, and to know who is in charge of the process, has always lead to confusion within organizations. Although IT professionals agree that data loss is inevitable within an organization, they rarely back it up. Mass data imports, which are common for most organizations that use Salesforce, are the number one reason for data corruption and deletion, and they’re actually handled by the professionals that are hired to keep your Salesforce data safe. Everything from overprivileged users to developers not checking code before moving to production can play a part in why organizations need to become responsible for their own data.
The Veeam approach to Salesforce backup eliminates the risk of losing your Salesforce data and metadata due to human error, integration issues and other Salesforce data loss scenarios. Avoid data lock-ins by running your backup environment on-premises or in AWS, Microsoft Azure and more. Download our five-minute, easy-to-read white paper to learn more.
We’ll cover other aspects of the research on our LiveStream on Nov. 1, as well as in a three-part blog series:

  1. Why back up your Salesforce data?
  2. Who backs up your Salesforce data?
  3. Can you restore your Salesforce data?

Download the 2022 Salesforce Protection Trends Report and be sure to check out further Veeam Backup for Salesforce information.

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