Why You Should Attend Pure Accelerate 2023

Why should you attend Pure Accelerate 2023 between June 14 – 16? Besides the obvious opportunity to high-five your favorite Veeamers, this year’s Pure Storage user conference takes place in the world-famous Las Vegas, NV!

If you’ve been to Las Vegas before, you know the entertainment and food scene is impressive to say the least. IMO, Vegas will provide a perfect backdrop for Pure Accelerate – which is one of the most innovative, disruptive and flat-out fun tech conferences I’ve ever attended.

At this year’s Pure Accelerate, you will hear from industry thought leaders, Pure Storage executives, and yes, you will also hear from this year’s guest speaker, Shaquille O’Neal. You’ll gain insights from real Pure Storage customers that have transformed their datacenters and maximized the value of their data with real-world solutions. You’ll learn great info, meet great people, and of course, you’ll have a ton of fun.

Maybe you’re looking to get hands-on with the latest features and capabilities of Pure Storage products to strengthen your current skills. With your Accelerate registration this year, you’ll gain access to Pure Accelerate PEAK training, which offers a FREE certification voucher when you join a certification prep session, introductory session or another on-site product training session.

Of course, while you’re on-site in Vegas, you’re going to hear about the exciting new additions to Pure Storage’s product portfolio. Personally, I really enjoy learning about Pure’s new technology and consumption models, their continuous plans for innovation and their vision for the all-flash data center of the future.

Now for the obligatory Veeam plug. 

In a recent IDC report with results for H2 2022, Veeam was named the Global Leader in Data Replication & Protection Software. This is a massive achievement for Veeam that was driven by our customer’s adoption of our data platform and portfolio of products.

Veeam and Pure Storage share a common goal: To help organizations manage their data efficiently and effectively. Veeam provides data backup, recovery and management solutions, while Pure Storage offers high-performance, flash-based storage solutions. Both Veeam and Pure Storage have a strong focus on data and backup security, so you can have confidence that you will always be able to recover from any threat, whether it’s malicious, accidental or environmental.  By working together, Veeam and Pure Storage provide organizations with a complete solution for managing, protecting and restoring their data.

Pure Storage and Veeam both have Net Promoter Scores (NPSs) in the 80’s which is in the top 1% of industry B2B scores. This essentially means that our customers are feverish fans of our products. Both Pure Storage and Veeam share a collective passion to maintain a thought leadership position in the market as we continually innovate our products with tighter integration, which has resulted in thousands of shared customers worldwide.

In the spirit of co-innovation, the launch of Veeam Data Platform v12 earlier this year included some exciting new features tied to Pure Storage’s product portfolio. My colleague Mark Polin, a solutions architect at Veeam, recently wrote a blog that dives into the V12 release and how it enhances the Pure + Veeam solution for existing and future customers.

Mark will be onsite at Pure Accelerate and will be a part of an incredible session with Pure + Veeam customer, RC Willey, on June 14 at 3 p.m. Join RC Willey, along with Mark and Pure Storage’s Chris Sprague as they discuss new functionalities from Veeam’s V12 launch and discuss customer use cases for V12, API Plug-in v2 and Object Lock.

All throughout Pure Accelerate, Veeam will be highlighting the recent release of Veeam V12 and the new features available for Pure customers. Be sure to ask our team about our Advanced Storage Snapshot Orchestration with the Universal Storage API (USAPI) Plugin v2, Direct-to-Object with FlashBlade S3 and End-to-End Immutability. Find us at our booth on June 14 and 15 during exhibit hours (10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.). You might even get the opportunity to win a custom pair of Veeam + Pure Nike AirForce 1s!

Keep up with the latest updates about Veeam’s presence at Pure Accelerate here. We look forward to sponsoring Pure Storage Accelerate 2023 and seeing you in Las Vegas!

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