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Veeam‘s Advanced Backup and Replication for VMware is #1 in Customer Satisfaction, Innovation and Value

COLUMBUS, Ohio, February 17, 2009 Veeam Software, award-winning provider of systems management tools for VMware ESX host environments, today made available version 3.0 of its Veeam Backup software for backup and replication of VMware infrastructure. The new version, available just one year after the 1.0 introduction of the product, reflects Veeam’s commitment to R&D, innovation and customer responsiveness. Only Veeam offers backup and recovery for all versions of VMware ESXi, including the ESXi free edition.

“We know that in today’s difficult global economy, our customers are trying to do more with less, and several of our new features help them protect and recover their free and open-source systems right alongside their critical VMware ESX hosts,” said Ratmir Timashev, Veeam president and CEO. “With version 3.0 we help them back up and recover ESX, ESXi and ESXi free edition, and we offer fast file-level recovery for Linux guests, as well as Windows.”

New features in Veeam Backup 3.0 include:

  • Support for ESXi and ESXi free – In July 2008 Veeam was the first to introduce ESXi backup through VCB. Now, with Veeam Backup 3.0, Veeam is the only vendor to offer ESXi backup without VCB. This makes Veeam Backup the ideal solution for mixed environments where ESX, ESXi and ESXi free are in use - only Veeam Backup can back up and recover them all from a single console.
  • Linux file-level recovery – Another industry first: only Veeam Backup now offers fast file-level recovery for Linux files. Now customers can restore individual files from image-level backups of virtual machines running Linux, Unix, BSD and Mac, in addition to Windows.
  • Windows 2008 VSS support – In another industry first, Veeam Backup now offers application-level Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) quiescence for Windows 2008 guests. This is in addition to the other versions of Windows Server VSS already supported. Both 32-bit and 64-bit guest OS and applications are fully supported.
  • Backup of VM templates – Now virtual machine templates are protected along with regular virtual machines and can be easily restored in case of a disaster.
  • Improved performance – Backup performance has been further improved with network traffic compression and an enhanced compression engine.

“We tried for several months to get a competing product to work, investing a lot of time and money in the process,” said Kim Byram, director, Business and Information Systems, ISCO Industries, LLC. “That product brought our system to a crawl, and backups failed 75 percent of the time. Our environment is almost 100% virtualized, so we need a backup system we can rely on. We switched to Veeam Backup, and we’re very happy with it. Nothing else in the virtualization space offers comparable functionality and reliability.”

Pricing and Availability Veeam Backup 3.0 is available immediately, with North American pricing remaining at 499 USD per socket. The product is also available as part of the Veeam Management Suite. More information, including free trial downloads, is available at http://veeam.com/vm-backup-recovery-replication-software.html.

About Veeam Software Veeam Software, a premier-level VMware Technology Alliance Partner and member of the VMware Ready Management program, provides innovative software for managing VMware Infrastructure. Veeam offers an award-winning suite of tools to assist the VMware administrator, including #1 for VMware Backup: Veeam Backup & Replication; Veeam Reporter Enterprise, for VMware Performance, Storage, Capacity reporting and chargeback;  Veeam Configurator, offering Host Profiles today; and Veeam Monitor, for vmware performance monitoring and alerting across multiple Virtual Centers.  With its acquisition of nworks, Veeam's products include the nworks Smart Plug-in and the nworks Management Pack that incorporate VMware data into enterprise management consoles from HP and Microsoft.  Learn more about Veeam Software by visiting www.veeam.com.

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