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Veeam Management Suite, the Most Comprehensive Management Solution for VMware, Reduces Cost, Increases Productivity and Extends VMware VirtualCenter

CLEVELAND, Ohio, Feb. 18, 2008  Veeam Software, innovative provider of systems management tools for VMware ESX Server environments, today announced the Veeam Management Suite for VMware, a comprehensive suite designed to address many of the common challenges faced by ESX administrators. The Veeam Management Suite for VMware works with and extends VMware VirtualCenter to help simplify the management of virtual environments  thereby reducing costs, increasing productivity and mitigating risk.

"Virtualization technology offers an opportunity to dramatically improve the flexibility and manageability of enterprise systems," said Ratmir Timashev, Veeam Software president and CEO. "On the other hand, fast virtualization adoption by medium and large enterprises creates new systems management challenges. These new virtualized environments call for different approaches, as well as new management tools. Traditional physical systems management tools simply aren\'t designed to do it. Veeam has created the most comprehensive set of tools designed specifically for VMware ESX environments."

"IT organizations that seek improvements in areas such as total cost of ownership as a consequence of implementing virtual server technology should take action to ensure that the management of this new shared services architecture doesn\'t begin to eat into these savings," said Cameron Haight, research vice president, Gartner®, Inc. "IT operations personnel should seek out tools that not only provide the needed level of visibility, but ideally work to break down traditional management  "silos" to reduce integration costs and improve information sharing."

Capabilities offered by the Veeam suite include:

  • Reporting and Documentation  Veeam Reporter automatically discovers and collects information about the VMware Infrastructure 3 environment, its components and configuration settings, including virtual machines, network, storage and VMotion. Reporter generates comprehensive reports in Visio, Excel, Word or PDF formats to help ESX administrators with configuration and change management. In addition, Reporter\'s Storage Capacity Report helps administrators and datacenter managers with storage management, capacity planning and chargeback.
  • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting  Veeam Monitor is an agentless solution that supports the monitoring of multiple ESX Servers and multiple VirtualCenters. Veeam Monitor provides single-screen detailed reporting and alerting of key usage and performance statistics by cluster, resource pool or virtual machine.
  • Configuration management  Veeam Configurator allows administrators to manage advanced settings and subsystems of multiple VMware ESX Servers easily without accessing the command line, writing scripts or manually editing configuration files. Veeam Configurator provides a Windows GUI that integrates with and extends the capabilities of VMware VirtualCenter.

Pricing and Availability The Veeam Management Suite for VMware is available immediately, and will be demonstrated at VMworld Europe in Cannes, Feb. 26-28. More information on the suite, including free trial downloads, is available at http://www.veeam.com/vmware-esx-reporting_enterprise.html. North American pricing for the suite begins at $270 USD per socket.

About Veeam Software Veeam Software, a premier-level VMware Technology Alliance Partner and member of the VMware Ready Management program, provides innovative software for managing VMware Infrastructure. Veeam offers an award-winning suite of tools to assist the VMware administrator, including #1 for VMware Backup: Veeam Backup & Replication; Veeam Reporter Enterprise, for VMware Performance, Storage, Capacity reporting and chargeback;  Veeam Configurator, offering Host Profiles today; and Veeam Monitor, for vmware performance monitoring and alerting across multiple Virtual Centers.  With its acquisition of nworks, Veeam\'s products include the nworks Smart Plug-in and the nworks Management Pack that incorporate VMware data into enterprise management consoles from HP and Microsoft.  Learn more about Veeam Software by visiting www.veeam.com.

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