Cannot find VM in the backup file specified for seeding

Veeam Backup & Replication
6.x, 7.x
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A replication job fails with the error “Cannot find VM in the backup file specified for seeding.” You may also see the error “VM ‘<vm name>’ not found in backup for initial sync. “


The configuration database has not been updated to link the backup files to the repository. This may be due to a missing or corrupt .vbm metadata file, or user error. 


If the backup appears under Backups>Disk or if the repository field is blank, you should right-click>Remove from Backups

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Next, switch to the Backup Infrastructure view and rescan the repository:

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The statistics should show that the backup was added:

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If no backups were added, verify that the .vbm (metadata) file and .vbk (full backup) file are present in the folder specified in the repository settings, or one of its subfolders. If you suspect the .vbm file is corrupt, try copying it again from the original location.
For seeding to work, the backup containing the VM to be replicated must appear under Backups>Imported with the repository specified for seeding:

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Note: Imported is hidden if it is empty.

More Information

A known issue resolved in could also produce this error. See Patch #3 for Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5
If you are unable to resolve the seeding issue, try to restore from the backup and then map the job to the restored VM: How to Manually Seed a Replica

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