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Release Information for Veeam Service Provider Console 7 Cumulative Patches

KB ID: 4441
Product: Veeam Service Provider Console | 7.0
Published: 2023-04-11
Last Modified: 2024-05-29
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Newer Product Version Available
A complete list of Veeam Service Provider Console versions and their release dates is available on KB4464: Build Numbers and Versions of Veeam Service Provider Console.


Please confirm that you are running at least Veeam Service Provider Console 7 GA (build before installing this Cumulative Patch.You can check this by logging in to the backup portal and navigating to the Configuration > Support Information tab. After updating, the build number will be

For new deployments or upgrades from Veeam Service Provider Console 6.0.x, please first install/upgrade Veeam Service Provider Console 7 using the ISO on the Previous Versions Download Page, and then install the latest Cumulative Patch on this page.

Release Information

Below are details about the Cumulative Patches that have been released for Veeam Service Provider Console 7.

Each subsequent Cumulative Patch also includes all fixes present in the previous Cumulative Patches.

P20240516 (

This is a repack of build P20240412 ( that includes an enhanced update to address the critical vulnerability in VSPC. Although our initial patch effectively addressed the primary concern, a subsequent review identified an area for further improvement. To ensure comprehensive protection, we have swiftly developed and released a refined patch that fully mitigates the issue. We're confident this updated version reinforces the security of VSPC and demonstrates our commitment to continually strengthening our response measures.

P20240412 (

Single Issue Cumulative Patch

Cumulative Patch P20240412 ( does NOT include private fixes created after the release of P20230531 ( This Cumulative Patch is being released to address only the security issue detailed below.

If Veeam Service Provider Console P20230531 is presently installed and is known to have private fixes installed, please instead upgrade to the latest version of Veeam Service Provider Console.

Veeam Service Provider Console 7 reached End of Fix in December 2023.

Resolved Issues


  • Due to an unsafe deserialization method used by the Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC) server in communication between the management agent and its components, under certain conditions, it is possible to achieve Remote Code Execution (RCE) on the VSPC server machine.

P20230531 (

What's New

Veeam Backup for Public Cloud Enhancements

  • Service providers can now upgrade managed backup appliances for Microsoft Azure and AWS from the VSPC UI.

Summary Report

  • Notifications summary report now groups triggered alarms by managed companies.
Resolved Issues


  • Under certain conditions, the database retention task for triggered alarms cannot be started causing failures for the other database retention tasks.
  • Under certain conditions, in conjunction with a heavy load on the VSPC server, the VSPC data model locks after the services restart operation, which in turn causes excessive data to be sent to the VSPC server.


  • The “Backup repository connection state” alarm is triggered (false positive) for backup repositories that are connected via a Linux gateway server.
  • The "Backup proxy connection state" alarm is triggered (false positive) for proxy servers running on Linux OS.
  • Under certain conditions, alarms for companies managed by a reseller are not triggered.
  • The alarm exclusions engine does not work for companies managed by a reseller.

Veeam Backup & Replication Integration

  • Under certain conditions, the jobs table will not display data after switching between UI tabs (jobs and protected data) for file shares.
  • Cloud VM failover plans are not displayed in the VSPC UI when logged in as a company owner or admin account.
  • Installation ID cannot be regenerated for Veeam Backup & Replication servers running P20230223 or higher.

Veeam Backup for Nutanix AHV Integration

  • A backup job state alarm is additionally triggered for sub-job tasks using workers.

Veeam Backup for Public Cloud Integration

  • Veeam Service Provider Console fails to connect to a managed backup appliance over the private DNS or private IP address.
  • Under certain conditions, an existing backup appliance running in Microsoft Azure cannot be registered in the VSPC.
  • Under certain conditions, the status of the file-level recovery session is not updated, causing the block of the restore process.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Integration

VCSP Pulse Integration

  • The VCSP Pulse plugin cannot be configured for a reseller account with the enforced multi-factor authentication (MFA) option.

License Usage Reporting

  • Under certain conditions, usage from Cloud Connect servers cannot be added to the VSPC monthly usage license report.
  • Under certain conditions, backup agents might be missing from the monthly license usage report.


  • After editing the company’s resources via REST APIs, they will disappear from VSPC UI until the next data synchronization interval.
  • Cannot create a new company via REST APIs when the "Enforce MFA for clients and resellers" toggle in the VSPC UI is enabled.

P20230321 (

What's New


  • The web page informing about unsupported browsers has been updated.

VCSP Pulse Integration

  • A new company property, Veeam Tenant ID, has been introduced for enhanced usage reporting of licenses generated via the VCSP Pulse portal.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Integration

  • When a backup or backup copy job completes with an error or warning, a detailed reason will now be displayed.
  • The data collection engine has been optimized to support a larger number of backup jobs from managed backup servers.

Companies Health State World Map

  • Companies' zip code matching logic has been enhanced to provide better accuracy of company placement on the World Map widget in the Overview tab.


  • New recipient variables have been added to the UI tooltip in the alarm notification section.


  • New counters have been introduced to track the usage of object and block storage: CloudRegularStorageUsage and CloudObjectStorageUsage
  • A new method for removing Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 resources from a reseller account has been introduced.
  • The description of some REST API methods has been updated to provide better clarity.
Resolved Issues


  • Newly created companies are displayed with a delay after a reseller creates them.
  • Support logs bundle cannot be downloaded for companies with special characters in their name.
  • The backup job wizard can hang on the destination step for backup agents hosted in a service provider's infrastructure.
  • A message about an available update for the Veeam Service Provider Console is not automatically dismissed in the Notification Bell area after installing the corresponding update.

VSPC Server

  • Backup portal services cannot be started when invalid paths for downloading Veeam backup agents are present in the server configuration file.


  • After upgrading to version 7, the backup portal may return the error message:
    Backup portal is not responding...
  • Under certain conditions, the backup portal address is not shown in the portal branding area after the upgrade to version 7.
  • Under certain conditions, the new backup portal address cannot be applied when using the service provider account.

Veeam Backup & Replication Integration 

  • Veeam CDP statistics are shown in seconds instead of milliseconds in the policy details.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Integration

  • Under certain conditions, the initial data collection task may fail for added backup servers.
  • Backup repositories removed from assigned company resources are added back after the Veeam Service Provider Console service is restarted.
  • Company accounts with assigned backup resources cannot be edited if there are Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 servers registered in the VSPC, but none of them are currently activated.
  • The VSPC data collection job fails when Wasabi or IBM object storage is registered as a backup repository in the Veeam backup console.
  • The automatic license update and usage reporting option cannot be enabled in the VCSP Pulse portal when generating a new license key.
  • Under certain conditions, when editing the scope of a backup job in the backup job wizard, the following error occurs:
    Cannot read properties of null (reading 'displayName')
  • Under certain conditions, backup jobs may be stuck in the "running" state.
  • Deleting the archive backup repository with the corresponding backup copy job in Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 leads to the backup data removal from the Veeam Service Provider Console UI.
  • When multiple backup repositories are assigned to a reseller account, only one is preserved in the UI after the restart of Veeam Service Provider Console services.
  • The backup job schedule cannot be disabled when the every hour periodical option is selected in the job configuration.
  • The database retention task does not delete all records for backed-up objects.
  • Under certain conditions, the job status shown in the Veeam Service Provider Console UI might be updated with a delay when Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 server is upgraded, but its components (e.g., repositories or proxies) are still on the previous version.
  • During the upgrade of Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 servers from version 5 to version 7, the upgraded backup server might be reported as not activated in the Veeam Service Provider Console UI.

Veeam Backup for Public Cloud Integration

  • Under certain conditions, the data collection task for backup policies can be stuck in the "running" state.
  • Minor proofreading of existing messages.
  • Public cloud managed backup service cannot be disabled when editing a company profile with no assigned backup appliances.
  • Backup policies for file shares report the "Success" status in the Protected Data page regardless of the previous policy run state.
  • Veeam Backup appliances are reported as disconnected if one of the Veeam Backup & Replication servers installed in a client's location is moved to another location within the client's company.
  • An existing cloud account cannot be removed from the VSPC database when the Veeam backup appliance associated with that account was already deleted.

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Integration

  • When the backup health check option is enabled for an existing backup job, the VSPC server sends incorrect scheduling configuration to the managed backup agent.
  • An incorrect redirection link is present in error messages when a backup agent cannot be installed.
  • Under certain conditions, the backup patching operation may fail with the error:
    Failed to connect to the deployment service.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Integration

  • The VM restore task may fail when selecting a different location as the destination.

VCSP Pulse Portal Integration

  • Under certain conditions, a Veeam Tenant ID property might not be filled for managed companies.
  • Under certain conditions, managed companies are removed from the VCSP Pulse Portal configuration.

ConnectWise Manage Integration

  • Alarms raised for a reseller company cannot be pushed to the ConnectWise Manage application.
  • A welcome email to a managed company cannot be sent from the ConnectWise Manage plugin.


  • The WAN acceleration option cannot be enabled for companies with quotas on the scale-out-backup repository with capacity tier enabled.


  • When the "Allow keeping deleted backup files" option is enabled for the reseller account, this reseller cannot assign object storage repositories to managed companies.


  • When reporting the points number, the consumed points widget treats subscription keys for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 server as rental.


  • Protected files report contains incorrect information in metadata and branding when it is generated by a reseller for a managed company.


  • Alarms with exclusions for managed companies are no longer triggered
  • Some triggered alarms are not automatically resolved when the corresponding condition is met.
  • After upgrading to version 7, the public cloud policy state alarm does not include all protection types in the triggers configuration.

Email Notifications

  • Under certain conditions, summary alarm emails are no longer sent after upgrading the VSPC server to version 7
  • Reports cannot be sent to the configured recipient group if one of the members of this group has an invalid email address or there was an error when sending the report.
  • The "%Reseller%" variable is not accepted in the recipient field of the email notification settings.

License Usage Reporting

  • A monthly usage report fails to generate when the Veeam Service Provider Console server uses the Finish locale and is upgraded to v7 during the reporting interval.


  • An incorrect URL path is returned when querying backup copy jobs running in the simple mode method.
  • Company information cannot be edited when using the PatchOrganization method.
  • Tenant quota cannot be set to a value of more than 1.6 PB when using the CreateCompanySiteBackupResource method.
  • Under certain conditions, one reseller can query specific information about another reseller (quotas and used resources) when using REST APIs.
  • An incorrect error message is returned when using the CreateCompanyVb365BackupResource method with an invalid value for vb365ResourceUid.
  • The GetCompanySiteResources method returns an invalid answer when querying companies in the deleted state.
  • Assigning license from the VCSP Pulse Portal fails when using REST API v3.2 methods.

Download Information

If at least version 7 GA (build is already installed, download the cumulative patch below and perform the following steps to update to the latest Cumulative Patch:

  1. Back up the Veeam Service Provider Console configuration database.
  2. Log off from all active VSPC UI sessions.
  3. Using an Administrative Command Prompt or Administrative PowerShell console:
    • Execute VSPC.ApplicationServer.x64_7.0.x.x.msp on the Veeam Service Provider Console server.
    • Execute VSPC.WebUI.x64_7.0.x.x.msp  on the Veeam Service Provider Console Web UI server.

Filename: VSPCv7Patch3_20240516.zip
MD5: 6E1C47EB6114FCF28538D4C7C91EB1B2
SHA1: 818B1FA393091DB844F5B62544B71B8E47183CA2

Reboot may be required

Please note that a reboot may be required after installing the update. 

Please plan accordingly.

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