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Monitoring & Analytics for your Entire IT Environment

Veeam® ONE™ – part of Veeam Availability Suite – integrates seamlessly into your entire IT environment providing clear visibility into virtual and Veeam-protected cloud and physical Workloads. It provides monitoring, reporting and intelligent tools to help your business with the automation and control you need to maintain Availability by protecting against potential problems before operational impact, featuring:

  • Powerful infrastructure monitoring and reporting
  • Intelligent Diagnostics and automated resolutions
  • Infrastructure utilization and capacity planning
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Capacity Planning and Chargeback
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Additional Capabilities
Veeam ONE helps you avoid downtime and meet SLAs with 24.7 real-time monitoring, reporting, and alerting for backup,
virtual and physical environments.

Proactive Alerting and Reporting

Stay alert and mitigate potential issues before
they become threats to your environment with 340+ preset alarms and 150+ pre-built reports, including infrastructure performance and configuration assessments.


Be prepared to troubleshoot quickly by maintaining clear visibility into the resource utilization of your backup infrastructure, including deep views into Scale-out Backup Repositories, with Heatmaps.

Nutanix AHV BackupsNEW

Remain proactive and make informed decisions with data protection monitoring, reporting and alerts for Nutanix AHV VMs.

NAS BackupsNEW

Maintain real-time visibility while tracking file share protection, performance and more with monitoring and reporting for NAS backups.


Reduce the complexities of managing physical and cloud computer backups with agent monitoring and reporting.


Service providers get clear visibility into customer activity and consumption, including chargeback and billing functionality, with multi-tenant monitoring and reporting.

Veeam Reporter Veeam Reporter
Veeam Reporter Veeam Reporter
Heatmaps Heatmaps
Heatmaps Heatmaps
Backup Infrastructure Assessment report Backup Infrastructure Assessment report
Backup Infrastructure Assessment report Backup Infrastructure Assessment report
Reduce costs and improve response times, by quickly resolving common infrastructure and backup-related issues with
Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics and Remediation Actions.

Intelligent DiagnosticsENHANCED

Support calls slowing you down? Minimize downtime and the time spent on calls with proactive issue resolutions to common backup infrastructure problems. Veeam proactively identifies known issues within your environment, alerting you with self-support reconfigurations and hotfixes.

Veeam ONE Intelligent Diagnostics & Remediation Actions

Remediation ActionsENHANCED

Reduce downtime risks without lifting a finger! Eliminate the need for manual responses to alarms by setting automated, self-healing, policy-based fixes for common backup and infrastructure-related problems that trigger automatic changes or approvals of actions.

Remediation Actions Setting Remediation Actions
Do you know who are your largest consumers, how much they’re consuming, and when you’ll need additional resources?
Veeam ONE can help.

Capacity Planning

Stop guessing! Easily forecast resource usage and utilization trends for VMware, Hyper-V and backup environments to determine when resources/computing will max out.

Product: Veeam One v9 Capacity Planning Demo

Chargeback and Billing

Save time and reduce planning complexities by calculating the cost of compute and storage resource consumption by department/customer and then bill accordingly.

Heatmaps VM Configuration Chargeback
VM Configuration Chargeback VM Configuration Chargeback
Stay open for business! Maintain a complete understanding of where your data is located and what data is in your environment, at all times.

Backup Compliance Reporting

Is GDPR keeping you up at night? Know where your data is at all times. Remain compliant by grouping objects by location with Business View and using reports that list data sources grouped by production location, as well as the location of copies/replicas.

Backup Compliance Reporting Backup Compliance Reporting

Stop Ransomware in its Tracks

Prepared to fight ransomware? Veeam helps combat malware with a series of alarms that help identify abnormalities occurring in your environment that may be signs of malicious activity.

Read how Veeam ONE can help

Possible Ransomware Alarm Possible Ransomware Alarm
Need more? Veeam ONE has it. Check out these additional capabilities that help you maintain clear visibility
of your entire environment.

Identify EVERY Unprotected VM and Agent

Are you completely protected? Reduce downtime and data loss by determining which VMs, physical servers and workstations are protected, including backup state, warnings and failures, and reasons why Workloads aren’t protected.

Product: Veeam One - Identifying Unprotected VMs

Change Tracking and Auditing

One bad change can impact months of work! Remain constantly aware of which team members are altering configurations or adding new objects to your backup and virtual infrastructures with automated backup and VMware change tracking.

Product: Veeam One - Tracking for Backup and vSphere

Business View

Want an easier way to organize, assign and manage diverse workloads? Categorize them by creating groups based on business unit, geography, department and more. Even leverage VMware tags based on CPU, memory and location.

Business View Business View

Raw Data Analysis and Report Customization

Need raw data? Easily access performance data and custom infrastructure reports for vSphere, Hyper-V and backup environments, including CPU, memory, network and disk metrics. You can even consolidate data from multiple reports into one, with Report Builder.

Report Builder Report Builder

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