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  • Get the latest major releases, product updates and patches
  • Contact worldwide 24/7 problem resolution support
  • Merge and manage your licenses online
  • Migrate to Veeam Universal License for portability across workloads
  • Lock in multiple years for added savings
  • Avoid lapsed contracts and reinstatement fees
Get discounts for multi-year renewals
  • Perpetual Renewal
  • Subscription Renewal
on prepaid maintenance with 3-year renewal
on prepaid maintenance with 5-year renewal
*Discounts are valid for perpetual model and are embedded in prepaid maintenance SKUs. Annual renewal SKU must be purchased in addition to prepaid maintenance SKU. To learn more about other available options please contact Veeam Renewals
3-year subscription renewal
5-year subscription renewal
*Discounts are valid for renewal of subscription contracts. To learn more about other available options please contact Veeam Renewals

Benefits You Enjoy

The best data protection

  • Veeam is a simple, flexible and reliable solution that just works
  • Comprehensive, industry-leading data protection
  • Data protection for ALL workloads: cloud, virtual and physical with VUL model
  • Access to the latest major releases, new features and product updates
  • Compatibility releases for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV

The best return on investment

  • Reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency
  • Complete license portability with Veeam Universal License
  • Don’t get stuck with licenses you don’t need, avoid cloud tax and vendor lock-in
  • Achieve advanced digital transformation
  • Effectively manage and monitor your infrastructure

Planning the Future with Veeam

Renewing your maintenance and support contract saves your time and money allowing you to focus on more important stuff. To protect your business, your investment and your data.

Contact our renewals specialists today to ensure Veeam continues to give your business infrastructure continuous protection for any app, any data, any cloud.

Customers’ Higher-level Experience with Veeam is Resulting
in Increased Intentions to Renew

Veeam annually commissions an independent survey among its customers to understand how satisfied customers are with Veeam, find out what capabilities and features are the most valuable for our users, and their future renewals intention. Like with any good data company, the numbers matter to us at Veeam. Every year, we benchmark ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction remains high. With a Net Promoting Score of 75, Veeam has radically exceeded the market average (more than 3x the average), and this is the sixth consecutive year we have achieved that status.
Why to Renew your Veeam support
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Veeam Universal License
License portability, made easy!
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Veeam Executive Blog
Learn why 91% of customers are confidently recommending Veeam
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Gain Business Value
Discover here how Veeam brings great value to your business
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