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Digital Transformation within Retail

3 critical steps to business continuity and Hyper-Availability
Digital life focuses on enabling consumers to buy what they want, when they want it. Get a clear understanding of why business continuity is so important in today’s modern retail, and learn how you can deliver an efficient option for data accessibility and Availability.

Enabling the Hyper-Available Enterprise™

Hyper-Availability for virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads
  • Non-stop business continuity
  • Digital transformation agility 
  • Analytics and visibility

Instantly recover any app, any data, on any cloud 

The retail industry never sleeps. With consumers’ demand for 24.7.365 access to goods and services, retailers need an Hyper‑Availability solution, that allows them to manage data securely and accurately, process payments and deliver a multi-channel experience, without interruption.

Veeam enables any business to deliver the Digital Life experience users expect by providing backup, recovery and replication for any workload, be it on-premises or cloud. 

Whether you’re keeping DR in house or need a trusted Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider, Veeam solutions make DR simpler than ever, with minimal operational overhead and investment.

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Multi-cloud Intelligent Data Management and migration 

From point of sale (PoS) support, inventory or , store operations to big data and IoT initiatives, every part of a retail business relies on IT. And they all need the same: stability, flexibility and agility.

With Veeam’s easy, secure and reliable cross-cloud Intelligent Data Management and migration in a multi-cloud environment, you can choose your cloud your way to meet your business needs.

Veeam’s solutions include to, from, and within cross-cloud data backup, replication, availability and mobility for workloads across any cloud or location allowing you to adapt to user requirements as they change. 

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Actionable insights for Intelligent Data Management, performance and compliance

Compliance is a fundamental part of retail IT operations. Whether it’s PCI-DSS, PA-DSS or the EU GDPR, complete visibility into your infrastructure is essential for keeping up with changing regulatory and compliance demands associated to data loss and risk management.

Veeam and its ecosystem of partners provide robust data analytics and discovery, simplified data management, workflow automation and more, enabling you with 24.7.365 real-time monitoring and reporting.

Actionable insights allow you to manage and evaluate the performance of your entire infrastructure, quickly react to resolve issues, and proactively take action to best leverage your IT investments—with confidence.

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