The sky’s the limit: We rewarded our 200,000th customer with a zero gravity flight

At Veeam we innovate to deliver the best Availability solutions on the market and also innovate in the ways we have fun and celebrate. This year was an important milestone in our company’s history. At our tenth anniversary, Veeam reached the threshold of 200,000 customers and we celebrated in style. We rewarded our 200,000th customer, together with three lucky winners, in a noteworthy manner – a weightless flight.

The flight took place on Nov. 12 and the participants were really delighted with the adventure, calling it a true “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. Below are some quotes from the winners of the contest, along with representatives from Veeam’s 200,000th customer, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino:

  • “This has been the best day of my life. Ya’ll made my childhood dreams come true. That is the closest that I will ever get to going to space.”

                         David Tawater, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, U.S.A

  • “I was fortunate enough to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, thanks to Veeam. Going up on the ZERO-G flight and experiencing zero gravity was an unforgettable amazing experience. Thank you, Veeam!”

                    Christopher Smith, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, U.S.A

  • “A very big thank you for this weekend and this unique and exceptional experience that I could live with VEEAM. It will remain I think engraved for life in my mind.”

                         Gilles Brard, Vinci, France

  • “I feel I’ve built some lasting friendships here, and the experience was just out of this world.”

                       Nafallo Bjälevik, Ericsson, Sweden

  • “The zero-gravity flight was out of this world. This event makes me feel that Veeam is a company that goes above and beyond for their customers – literally – and they’re not afraid to celebrate their wins.”

                   Alexander Douglas, University of Queensland, Australia

In the meantime, Veeam helps over 216,000 organizations from all industries to stay Always-On. The lucky winners who experienced the zero gravity flight come from industries such as education, real estate and construction, telecommunications and entertainment – another confirmation that Veeam is the prime solution for thriving in the digital transformation era.

The ZERO-G Experience involves a modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft which creates a weightless environment where passengers can float and spin just like astronauts. The whole flight lasts between 90 and 100 minutes and the true weightlessness can be relished for approximately eight minutes. The flight is operated by the ZERO-G Corporation. Veeam provided the winners with flights to the U.S. take-off location, hotel accommodations and the ZERO-G Experience itself. Here are some exclusive shots of our happy customers taken during and after the flight:

We rewarded our 200,000th customer with a zero gravity flight We rewarded our 200,000th customer with a zero gravity flight

We rewarded our 200,000th customer with a zero gravity flight We rewarded our 200,000th customer with a zero gravity flight

Veeam offers 24.7.365 Availability and one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry. This time we took our customers even higher. That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for Availability!

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