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VMware to Hyper-V Migration: Best Practices

The shift from VMware to Hyper-V is becoming an increasingly popular decision for many organizations. This move is not just a change in virtualization platforms; it's a strategic decision that can influence a company's operational efficiency and future scalability. Read more
Matthew Anania
Matthew Anania

Product Marketing Specialist

TOP 7 Future-Proofing Reports for IaaS Service Providers

Veeam ONE is specifically famous for its forecasting capabilities. It uses the ability of data gathering from various parts of your infrastructure and then utilizes modern mathematical models for deep analysis. As a result, you get all the details in fully-customizable reports (PDF/XLS/JSON/CSV) or dashboards. There are more than 25 reports targeted to predict the future behavior of an environment based on trends and historical data analysis of the environment. In this blog post, we'll focus only on the seven most valuable for everyday usage for any service provider. Read more
Artem Philippov
Artem Philippov

Cloud Architect

TOP 10 must-have reports for any responsible IaaS Service Provider

Veeam ONE is the product built for all types of Veeam customers — small or medium businesses, enterprises or service providers — certainly, there is something for everyone. Once the product is deployed, you may find yourself overwhelmed with a countless number of reports, alarms, and dashboards, wondering “which ones are actually useful for my IaaS business?”

In this blog post, I’ll navigate you through the most useful reports to help you get started, and possibly, even find a few hidden gems in the process. Read more
Ivan Kochemasov
Ivan Kochemasov

Solutions Architect

V11: Instant Recovery, Re-Invented again with Veeam

The Instant Recovery story at Veeam started in the v5 release in 2010, which seems like such a long time ago! Every release since has had some form of enhancement to the capability. Whether it is performance, scalability or new platforms. New platform support included Hyper-V Instant VM Recovery and allowing Agent backups to recover instantly as a VM. V10 also introduced multiple VM Instant VM Recovery alongside significant performance improvements. But Veeam isn’t going to stop there. Read more
Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover

Senior Director, Product Strategy

Licensing Veeam V11: What’s new and what’s not

We know you’re all excited for the many benefits of Veeam Backup & Replication v11, including the many features and improvements and how this platform continues to expand to protect even more of your critical workloads. The benefits of this V11 release include bulletproof ransomware protection, increased security, Continuous Data Protection (CDP), greater cloud portability and cloud-native backup options in AWS and Microsoft Azure and much, much more. The list is truly impressive and a testament to our R&D team, listening to your feedback and responding with continued innovation that is Simple, Flexible and Reliable. Read more
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer

Senior Director, Product Marketing