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Veeam Protection for VMware Cloud solutions: AWS, Azure, Google and more!

In 2017, VMware simplified this choice by announcing a strategic alliance with AWS, offering the ability to run existing VM workloads on a SaaS based platform while also taking advantage of AWS services.

Today you can choose from a plethora of VMware-based public cloud offerings including Google, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. Whether you prefer Azure VMware Solution (AVS), Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE), IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions or Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS), you can still leverage your investments in on-premises VMware products. Read more
Andy Sturniolo
Andy Sturniolo

Solutions Architect

Implementing Cloud Object Storage Solutions – Part Two

In part one we looked at the characteristics that make up the cloud object storage offerings of the main three cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services/AWS, Google Cloud Platform/GCP). Now that we understand what to look for from our cloud providers and the features they have available, we’ll look at what information we need to gather to build our own cost and performance estimates to implement object storage ourselves. Read more
Michael Paul
Michael Paul

Guest author, Veeam Legend

V11: Complete the Backup Lifecycle with Veeam’s SOBR Archive Tier

The Scale-out Backup Repository is one of Veeam’s unique innovations that really brings a lot of capabilities to the backup storage lifecycle management, yet in a simple, flexible, policy-driven and reliable manner. Veeam expands customer choice by offering the option to archive to a lower cost tier of cloud storage. Read more
Edwin Weijdema
Edwin Weijdema