Why Knowing My Data Is Protected Helps Me Sleep – No Matter Where I Am

Introduction: My Digital Beginnings

I was lucky enough to get my first computer in 1988 as an eight-year-old. Karateka, Elite, Pacman and Tetris became my best friends. The Barbarian in me was free to run recklessly around the digital universe, and as I grew older I developed more of a discerning taste by playing Chess and Civilization. Life was good and full of fun; however, I had one glaring real-world problem: lack of money.

The little savage I’d become was helpless against the global economy. I managed to satisfy my virtual appetites by mastering assembler. In the gaming world, my gold racked up, but real life was a different story.

The desire to fill my empty wallet led me to a career as a systems administrator. Lucky me: I was able to combine the start of my career with studying computer science at university. Traveling along the winding road of opportunities, I got invaluable experience as a Systems Engineer, before rising to Team Lead of numerous teams, then landing a role as Infrastructure Solutions Architect. That was the last stop before I seized the title of Manager of Network and Architecture department. At the same time, I cultivated the air of a suave and debonair gentleman…  

Travel Adventures Unhindered by Work Worries

Meanwhile, l was bitten by the travel bug so badly that I cast aside my fear of flying to become a seasoned traveler. So far, I’ve been to 167 countries globally, and won’t stop until I see them all. Whether I am climbing mountains in Pakistan or enjoying the glaciers of Greenland, interacting with gorillas in Congo or introducing the concept of containerization to a stranger in Papua New Guinea, the last thing I want to think about is work. That’s why I am using this opportunity to highlight the importance of data protection in a playful manner.

The author during his travels.

As a teenager I was always copying games to floppy disk, which I then hid from my pets in a storage room. Back in the day, I thought I was being paranoid, but experience in the workplace and the concept of ‘offsite backup’ showed me the light: I was actually being sensible.

I’ve seen with my own eyes how data protection has evolved since I first started working back in the 1990s to today. In the early days, many companies were careless with their data, and IT-related incidents caused huge financial losses. The unwieldy, awkward and downright horrifying interfaces of backup products didn’t help either. It’d be easier to fly a spaceship than navigate those legacy solutions. It’s only in the last 15 years or so that the tide has started to turn.

Why Veeam Stands Out in the Landscape of Data Protection

The fact is: Veeam does a great job at data protection. Thanks to Veeam, my mind is at rest when I travel, my level of stress is extremely low. As I explore the far reaches of the globe, I’ve never once been contacted about a problem backing up or restoring data. Obviously, you would like to know the details, you wonder how Veeam stands out from the competition, and you are burning with impatience to get best practices from a data protection maestro. I can share all that and more – stay tuned! 

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