Managing Backups as Code – Configuring IAM roles in Veeam Backup for AWS with AWS CloudFormation and Lambda

One of the cornerstones of Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practices is using multiple accounts to manage your workloads. Dedicating accounts to specific business units or even specific applications provides numerous benefits that increase agility, improve security and streamline operations. This practice also helps operators follow the principle of least privilege, whereby only a minimal set of privileges required to perform a task are assigned to responsible users and services, and ideally, only for the time required to complete the task. Read more

Managing backups as code — Using Veeam with HashiCorp Terraform

As more organizations adopt a multi-platform, service-driven approach to running workloads and storing data, tools that provide centralized management capabilities become a crucial asset in reducing operational complexity and enforcing security policy. Foremost in this category are tools that manage infrastructure as code (IaC for short). As the name implies, IaC tools use text files to define how resources and applications should be configured. Read more