A question commonly asked is how can you quiesce MySQL databases when running on a Linux VM? Since Linux doesn’t have a VSS mechanism like Windows does, it’s not as straight forward as a Microsoft SQL quiescence. On of Veeam’s Systems Engineers, Ricky El-Qasem, has written a white paper on the subject and it’s available now for download from the Veeam website. The white paper describes 2 different options/methods for running pre and post snapshot scripts using VMware tools installed on the Linux VM.

Here’s a quick preview:

Option 1. Suspend MySQL service

The MySQL service is stopped for a few seconds while the snapshot is created then
started again and is described in Method 1.

Advantage: It's quick and easy and will allow you to take a transaction of
all databases without additional disk usage local to the MySQL server.

Disadvantage: For a brief period of time no databases running on the
MySQL server will be available which may not be suitable for applications
that need 100% uptime.

Option 2. Use Online Dump

An online dump of each database is taken using the mysqldump command which
copies a database to storage accessible from the MySQL server and is described in
Method 2.
Advantage: The dumped databases are in a transaction consistent state
and this is achieved without stopping the MySQL service and allows for
100% uptime.
Disadvantage: Extra storage space is required to maintain a second copy
of the database and process may take a considerable amount of time to
achieve depending on the size of your databases.

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