Backup Modernization Guide: Empowering Resellers

In today’s challenging business environment, most CEOs are focused on digital transformation, since many know it’s the key to increasing revenue and growth. Evolving digitally lets them build new products and services, improve relationships with customers, and follow compliance regulations.

An essential part of achieving digital transformation is backup modernization. However, too many companies spend excessive hours and money on legacy backup systems that can’t quite support their efforts. According to the 2024 Data Protection Trends Report, 68% of organizations estimate it would take them more than a week to recover their data after experiencing a cyberattack or disaster event, and a driver behind these long recovery times is the use of outdated legacy backup.

This issue of the report also found that data protection budgets will increase by 6.6% overall in 2024, and 92% of respondents said they would increase their own data protection budgets.

Cybercrime also fuels the need for digital transformation since legacy systems can no longer keep up with the technological advancements of cybercriminals, and as the attack surface increases, so do the threats. No business wants to be crippled by a ransomware attack, so backup modernization is top of mind for many.

Veeam is a global leader in the data protection space. Data protection can mean data recovery, and specifically rapid and reliable data recovery in the event of a cyber attack or any disaster your organization might face.

What is Backup Modernization? 

Backup modernization involves replacing old data protection solutions with cutting-edge backup and recovery systems. This enables businesses to take advantage of current technological trends – including automation and orchestration – and deal more effectively with challenges and fulfill requirements like compliance regulations. 

The Need for Backup Modernization 

Backup and recovery were manual tasks for decades, and used to rely on magnetic tapes, floppy disks, and external hard drives. Over time, companies migrated to DVDs and CDs because they had more storage space. When the first software solutions emerged, they weren’t always reliable and were limited in regard to capacity, scalability, and other key features. This archived data was difficult to retrieve and use to build new products. Plus, if this data became corrupted or hijacked, the process of restoring it was complicated, often impacting businesses for days or weeks.

Modernizing backup solutions offers businesses many benefits. New systems are now highly automated, which reduces the workload on employees and allows them to allocate their resources to other tasks. These intelligent systems enable companies to protect their data better and be more creative with their plans in ways they hadn’t considered before. When backup systems are modernized, it allows businesses to use their data in ways that legacy systems couldn’t handle. There’s no longer a need to replicate data, rely on manual updates, or worry about whether your systems are working on the same set of data or not thanks to this automation.

The benefits of modernizing backup solutions vs. using legacy systems include:

  • Improved speed and efficiency. Leverage advanced technologies like deduplication, compression, and incremental backups, which result in faster and more efficient data backup processes compared to legacy systems.
  • Reduced downtime. Keep your business running with features like Veeam’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to recover faster when it matters most.
  • Ability to scale. Legacy systems often struggle to scale with growing volume of data, making it a challenge for growing organizations to easily adapt to their business needs.
  • Automation and orchestration. Modern solutions allow IT professionals to schedule backups, streamline workflows, and integrate with other business-critical IT processes.
  • Greater security. With 76% of companies reporting at least one cyberattack in 2023, enhanced encryption, access controls, and other advanced security features are now a must.
  • Regulatory compliance. Each industry has its own compliance standards, and using a modernized solution can make it easier for IT administrators to monitor and control these processes across the entire organization.
  • Centralized management. Simpler, centralized interfaces lead to better data protection strategy oversight and management.
  • Cloud integration. As data storage needs change, organizations need the flexibility required to move and scale in the cloud, reduce dependence on physical infrastructure, and improve data resilience.

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the flexible pricing of modernized systems also make it easier to align with your company’s actual usage and needs.

Veeam’s Backup Modernization Solutions 

Veeam offers an entire suite of solutions as part of its comprehensive Veeam Data Platform that can help businesses modernize their backup systems. With support for backup and recovery, monitoring and analytics, and disaster recovery (DR), these scalable and reliable products work with businesses of any size, ranging from SMBs to enterprise organizations.

As a Veeam Value Added Reseller (VVAR), you can provide your customers with access to the modern data protection solutions they need.

As a member of Veeam’s ProPartner Network, Veeam will support you as you navigate the data protection field, allowing you to capitalize on a $9.2 billion business. You’ll also have the chance to work with other network members to provide your customers with the technology they need, especially when it comes to digital transformation.

As a member of the ProPartner Network, you can provide your customers with data protection solutions that allow them to own, control, back up, and recover their data anywhere while also meeting their evolving challenges. Veeam will work with you to grow your offerings and expertise, making it easy to to confidently meet customer recovery time objectives/recovery point objectives (RTOs/RPOs) and simplify operations through a single platform. Plus, with Veeam’s continuous investments and innovations in data security, joining the ProPartner network ensures that your customers’ data will be properly protected against the increasing number and sophistication of today’s cybercriminals.

Once approved as a Veeam reseller, you’ll have access to all Veeam’s resources, including sales and marketing tools and dedicated support.  

Becoming a Veeam Reseller 

So, how do you become a Veeam reseller? Follow these steps to become one of Veeam’s backup resellers and join our ProPartner Network.

  1. Check requirements: Your first step is to check the specific requirements we have for our resellers. We’ll need to know the number of sales you have, the size of your staff, your office’s location, and other basic information.
  2. Complete an application: Fill out the application form on our website, and provide details about your business and how you want to work with Veeam products.
  3. Receive training and certification: After you’ve been accepted, your sales and technical teams will receive training and certifications in using Veeam products. They can use what they’ve learned at these training sessions to give clients in-depth presentations on how Veeam software can help their specific businesses.
  4. Locate resources on our ProPartner portal: You’ll gain access to our dedicated ProPartner Portal, where resellers can find crucial resources, including information on various Veeam products, marketing and sales tools, and training modules. 
  5. Access technical support: Resellers can also speak with our technical support team to assist their customers with complex problems or product configurations. The technical support team can also help design solutions.
  6. Join the Veeam community and partner forums: Resellers can share their own experiences and strategies for dealing with various business scenarios and form working relationships with other partners on our forums.

Success Stories 

By working with Veeam, our reseller partners have been able to help their customers find secure, scalable, and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions that align with their modernization goals. 

Freedom Systems Inc.

Freedom Systems Inc. is a Taiwanese-based managed service provider. Over the years, it has also become a strategic IT security consultant whose top priority is protecting its customers’ data from ransomware. The company was unhappy with its initial data protection software because it required a separate platform for cloud backup. This meant that each customer needed to use two platforms, which doubled the work for their engineers.

“We wanted more than just a backup software — we wanted a technology partner to help us meet customers’ data protection needs today and in the future,” said Hank Yu, the company’s CEO. “We also wanted training and certification so we’d always be on the cutting edge of backup technology, and we wanted technical support so we’d be able to solve any problem the customer might have. Our goal was to find a partner that provides best-in-class offerings to help us grow our business.”

Freedom Systems Inc. eventually partnered with Veeam and used Veeam Backup & Replication to protect and manage all their clients’ workloads. Yu explained that since working with Veeam, the company now feels confident it can deliver business continuity, keep its clients’ data safe, and recover fast if necessary.

This partnership has also been a profitable one for Freedom Systems Inc. Partnering with Veeam “helped grow our customer base by 25% and revenue by up to 30% annually,” according to Yu.


11:11, formerly iland, first partnered with Veeam in 2009. 11:11 provided DR for clients that were already using Veeam. This was fruitful collaboration that also led to the development of Veeam’s Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) program. Today, 11:11 is the largest VCSP partner in the world!

“We’ve always shared a common goal with Veeam — to provide customers with a single integrated experience, whether it is for backup, recovery, regulatory compliance, cybercrime protection, etc.,” said Dante Orsini, 11:11’s CSO “It’s no secret that 11:11 and Veeam are one of the industry’s premier partnerships. We not only set the standard for backup security and performance in the cloud, but we also future-proofed it.” 

As a result of its partnership with Veeam, 11:11 now protects industries all over the world against cyberthreats and strengthens resilience against ransomware.

“Veeam is the Swiss Army knife of data protection,” said Justin Giardina, CTO of 11:11. “[It enables] our channel partners to cross-sell and upsell in any market using a single, scalable, and automated solution that delivers tremendous value while driving down operational costs.”


Veeam is the leading modern data protection provider. As a VVAR and member of the ProPartner Network, you’ll join leading companies that want to provide their clients with the backup modernization solutions they need to protect and grow their businesses. With about 95% of companies worldwide needing backup protection and a $9.2 billion data protection market, there’s never been a better time to check out our reseller program. Our modern backup solutions can take your business and your customers’ businesses to the next level.

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