What is driving Data Protection Strategies in Healthcare for 2022

When it comes to data protection for healthcare, the industry is both similar and unique in its overall trends and IT strategy. That is abundantly clear when you look at both the global and the healthcare industry results in the recently released Veeam 2022 Data Protection Trends report.

The report is the industry’s largest, repeating, independent study of data protection trends worldwide. This year, nearly 3,400 respondents participated in the study, including 399 from healthcare organizations. While the global data is interesting unto itself, the Data Protection Trends Healthcare Executive Brief reveals some interesting insight into the needs, trends and attitudes that are uniquely healthcare.

Protecting all data, no matter where it resides, is important. Healthcare brings a personal dynamic to the mix when outages and delivery gaps directly affect the quality of patient care. That is a key finding from this year’s report.

One important data point that differs with the report’s global finding is the simple measure of healthcare IT leaders’ belief that their organization has an “availability gap” between the SLAs expected and how quickly their IT teams can return to productivity. While the global number is shockingly high (90% of IT leaders), healthcare is a full 6% higher at 96% recognizing a gap between their expectations and what IT is delivering today. 

Healthcare IT is simply not meeting data protection objectives. That statistic becomes more ominous given that such a higher percentage of healthcare servers suffered at least one outage last year when compared to the report’s global finding. To dig a little bit deeper into some of the unique details and similarities of the report’s healthcare and global data, check out the video below.

That’s great insight, for those of you that are in the healthcare IT space, into where things are and where they are going according to your peers. But there is much more to learn from this report. Check out these recent and upcoming blog posts for additional insights and findings, and don’t forget to download the full report.

We would love to hear back from you. Please reach out to Jason (@JBuff) or Dave Russell (@BackupDave) and let us know how this research aligns with your organization’s data protection goals for 2022.

Click here to download the full Data Protection Trends 2022 report.

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