Announcing the Data Protection Trends Report for 2022

Veeam is very excited to announce the latest and largest research report on data protection, as surveyed by an independent research firm. We say “largest” due to nearly 3,400 responses. When most research includes between 200-400 responses, Veeam sponsored 10X that in order to then cut the data and better understand not just the global market and trends, but the nuances across countries, regions, vertical industries, etc. Check out last year’s blog to understand how we cut 3,000+ responses.

This year, the research survey included three additional question topics to better understand some of the latest trends in overall IT data protection strategy: Containers, Cyber-preparedness, and BC/DR. But for this first blog, we’ll stick to what we believe to be the two most important questions:

Why will organizations change backup solutions in 2022?

The short answer is qualitative improvement — e.g., reducing data loss, reducing downtime, improving reliability of backups (so you can restore), etc. Literally, the top reason making organizations interested in changing backup solutions is so that it works better! Beyond that, businesses are concerned about economics, best-in-class tools for protecting the increasingly diverse production workloads and platforms that organizations rely on, and so on. Please check out this 4-minute video:

What are organizations looking for in their next data protection solution?

If the last topic covered where organizations are coming from, this covers where organizations are going — with an emphasis towards hybrid architectures for both protection and production. As a happy surprise, one of the up-and-coming responses (having asked this question for the last three annual surveys) was customers looking to move workloads from one cloud to another, which is only achievable with a third-party solution (like Veeam), since that isn’t a goal of the hyperscale clouds. Check out this 4-minute video to see what else organizations are looking for in Modern Data Protection:

We hope these first two topics have been helpful. This post is the first part of a multi-part series, so please stay tuned to the Veeam blog:

Please reach out to Dave (@BackupDave) or I (@JBuff) to tell us how this research aligns with your organization’s data protection goals for 2022 — and don’t forget to download the full report.

Click here to download the full Data Protection Trends 2022 report.

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