Hi! I’m the new person in the neighborhood

Not only am I new to this blog, I’m new to Veeam! Hi, I’m Rick Vanover and I’ve recently joined Veeam Software in the Columbus, Ohio office. This is going to be a fun ride for me. Here at Veeam, I’ll work directly with Doug Hazelman and Zorian Rotenberg addressing a large scope of software strategy for Veeam products. Aside from Doug and Zorian, I’ll be working with a highly talented and motivated global team that works to bring the best software products to virtualization management and data protection.

Changing Up!
I come to Veeam with a background of being a customer and having worked with a number of Veeam products in the course of being an active blogger. The reason I’ve come here is to bring myself closer to technology. In a sense, I can only go so far in the journey as a customer. I am particularly excited for this opportunity because Veeam is part of many technologies central to my interests, primarily virtualization. Perhaps the most telling aspect of my journey to Veeam is that I am totally impressed, amazed and moreover excited to be a part of perhaps one of the most fan-favored companies in technology today. Just walk around the Solutions Exchange at VMworld, tell me if you don’t find Veeam fans next to the booth and talking with the great personalities that Veeam is made of.

Expect me to post regularly here in this blog. You can also look forward to new material from me in the form of whitepapers, webinars and activity in the Veeam Community Forums. You can also follow me on Twitter @RickVanover.


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