Announcing Veeam’s 2023 Net Promoter Score: A Benchmark in Industry Excellence

What makes Veeam’s NPS industry leading? Look at how it compares with some of the top brands worldwide:

The comprehensiveness of our NPS approach

Some companies only utilize NPS to measure effectiveness of certain parts of their business, such as customer support, or product satisfaction. What stands out from our score is the comprehensiveness and breadth in who we surveyed and what we asked. Here are a few quick facts on our NPS:

Uncovering insights from the 2023 customer satisfaction study

In our 2023 customer satisfaction study, we surveyed Veeam users across all geographies and market segments (over 4,000 survey respondents!). We asked for their feedback on several areas, including:

  • Satisfaction level.
  • Likelihood to recommend Veeam.
  • Likelihood to renew their relationship with Veeam.
  • Product features and functionality.

Veeam’s performance indicators in 2023

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) remained strong in 2023, achieving 9.0+ scores across all categories:

  • 90% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with Veeam as a software vendor.
  • 91% of Veeam customers would recommend Veeam solutions to their friends and colleagues.
  • 91% of Veeam customers plan to renew their contract when their current contract is complete.
  • 91% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with the features and functionality offered by the Veeam products they’re using.
  • 91% of Veeam customers agree the solution that was delivered matched what was originally sold to them.

Impact and future directions: NPS and Veeam’s commitment to modern data protection

These scores represent very powerful feedback from Veeam customers all over the world. As we review our scores for 2023 and continue to drive 2024 performance, NPS is just another way we can measure our impact by helping Veeam customers to ensure their data is always protected and always available with Modern Data Protection.

A shared success: Celebrating Veeam’s achievement

It’s exciting to see these statistics and know that everyone associated with Veeam should celebrate this. It takes a team to deliver such excellence, and we have the best team in the industry. It’s truly wonderful to see how much our customers believe in out company and I’m personally honored to be a part of this organization. Congratulations!

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