Veeam Innovation Awards for 2019

Building on the success of the inaugural Veeam Innovation Awards (VIAs) at VeeamON 2018, where we recognized partners who were developing solutions that were powered by Veeam, we are announcing open submissions for Veeam Innovation Awards 2019.

The top three solutions will be awarded VIAs at Veeam’s Velocity event in January 2019 in Orlando, Florida. These three VIA winners will be notified of their selection on November 15th and Veeam will help the three VIA winners in developing videos and ensuring their ability to join us at Velocity 2019. The videos will be used by the broader Veeam community to vote on “Best of Show” to be celebrated during our Velocity event.

Here is the criteria and how Channel Partners, VCSPs, and Systems Integrators can submit their solutions for recognition.  Innovation submissions will be assessed on the following merits:

  • Operational and economic benefits received by customers
  • Efficiencies and agilities enabled by the complete solution
  • Scale-ability and automation that materially change how things are done
  • Manageability and usability improvements, expansion, and integration
  • Comprehensiveness within a broad data protection/Availability strategy

Bonus points will be awarded around usage of the Veeam APIs, DataLabs, Orchestration tools, and the pizazz of the nomination materials themselves.

This year’s nominations will be sought from September 25th until November 9th, and the submissions will be judged by a diverse panel of 30 industry experts, including:

  • Veeam Product Strategy team members
  • Our Veeam Vanguard community
  • Industry analysts and bloggers

You can already nominate your solution for this year’s awards.

If you haven’t seen the cool solutions that our VIA 2018 winners did, check out:

  • The Probax Honeycomb VTL (Virtual Tape Library / Archive-as-a-Service) solution provides automatic archiving of GFS restore points, including air-gapping and setting minimum expiry times. [Check out the Probax video]
  • The SIS solution integrates with and automates restoration of Cloud Connect backups into vCloud Director to provide recovery-on-demand. [Check out the SIS video]
  • Merrimac developed web-based and mobile analytic dashboards and reports in order to better equip and inform both its own NOC and Merrimac customers who need quick access to status conditions related to backup and replication, including local and cloud. [Check out the Merrimac Solutions video]
  • iland Catalyst provides rich assessments of storage requirements, latency considerations, and other key metrics that enable customers to be successful with Veeam + iland solutions including cloud storage, backup services, and turnkey DRaaS. [Check out the iland video]

There were some great solutions highlighted by the 2018 VIAs, but we know of others who weren’t recognized last year, so we’re looking forward to celebrating even more innovation in 2019.

Be sure to nominate the partner you believe is showing success innovating with Veeam.

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