Veeam loves you – Show the love back!

image Around the world, people are celebrating Valentine’s Day. So, Veeam wants to know where the love is! We are launching a new contest where you can send your graphic, or photo showing anything Veeam, and the pictures that get the most “Likes” on our Facebook page wins! The person who submitted the winning photo will get an iPod Nano for the best PDVA (public display of Veeam affection).

We are accepting entries now, and there are two simple rules to this contest:

1. The photo has to have Veeam in it somewhere. This can include a photo of one of our products running in the background, or a person wearing a T-shirt or other apparel with a Veeam logo. For those of you with creative flair, graphical editing to insert the logo is acceptable!

2. The photo must be sent via email: Each person may only submit one photo or graphic. Send your best Veeam Love to

We are accepting photo submissions until February 21. The photos will be uploaded to the Veeam Facebook page all at once at that time, and voting will be open from February 21 until February 28. The winning photo will be announced on March 1.

Vote! Be sure to vote for your favorite photos and graphics on the Veeam Facebook page.  Simply click the “Like” for each photo and graphic that you enjoy. You can “Like” as many photos as you wish.

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