VMware vCloud Director and how it works

One of the best (or most challenging!) aspects of virtualization technologies is that it never stands still. I’d go so far as to say that it moves a lot faster than other technologies, and in a way pushes other technologies to advance as well.

A perfect example is this relates to VMware vCloud Director. For many people, I’m convinced that they haven’t materially changed their virtualization practice since when they started. That’s the case for me as well. In fact, I’m learning more about vCloud Director as we speak. I just finished authoring a whitepaper – Backup and Recovery Challenges with vCloud Director.

One thing that you will notice with vCloud Director is that you can deliver an incredible provisioning mechanism that will save on storage, granular resource provisioning, self-service and so much more. To learn more about I don’t want to steal the thunder of video below. This one comes from David Hill. David works with vCloud Director every day, and writes a great blog on this and related topics at Virtual-blog.com.

In this training video you will actually learn “How VMware vCloud Director works?”. Why enterprises currently looking to deploy the vCloud Director into their production environments. Why business agility is a key business requirement for a vCloud Director and what are it’s bullet points. And you will make a deep dive into vCloud Director Architecture consisting of: vCloud Networking and Security, vCloud Connectors, vCloud Automation Center and etc.

All this stuff plays back to the whitepaper that I wrote in that there is a lot of configuration you can put forth in this approach; you don’t want to miss out on these benefits or the configuration you put into a vCloud Director environment. The other consideration is who is a good candidate for vCloud Director. I’m convinced use cases will appear in places you may not have thought of, in particular any group with departmental data centers or workgroups who consume a lot of infrastructure resources.

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