VMworld Golden Gate Run

I’m sorry to say that Veeam will not be co-sponsoring the VMworld run across the Golden Gate bridge after all.

As we all know, this event has changed quite a bit since its inception on Twitter among a group of friends. It’s yet another illustration of the power of Twitter to unite the virtualization community – which is great.

I believe it started as a casual discussion that since so many virtual Twitter friends are runners, it would be fun to get together for an early-morning run one morning before VMworld.

That sounded like fun to us, too. The runners among the Veeam team were looking forward to it. Since sponsors were being sought, we were very happy to chip in with some fun commemorative t-shirts. We did a quick design, and were just about ready to send in the order when we learned the event had morphed into something much larger and more formal, a part of the actual conference. Not blaming anyone for this, and we can certainly understand how it happened.

The new organizers did approach us about a sponsorship, but they already had a t-shirt design, and were looking for $2,500 to sponsor shuttle busses to/from the location. Worst of all, the time had changed to Monday evening, directly conflicting with the exhibit hall opening reception. So we can’t even participate — we’ll be working the booth then.

We’re already a Gold sponsor of VMworld, hosting a partner/customer party (let us know if you haven’t received your invitation!), as well as lots of other side activities and meetings. We’re very happy to help out with the VM Underground Warm-up party on Sunday night. But this run has, unfortunately, turned into something we’re just not able to do. Our budget and resources aren’t infinite.

Please do join Duncan Epping and the others on the run. Hope those of you who run have a great time. Sorry we can’t join you.

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