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Veeam Greatly Expands Revenue Opportunities for ProPartners and Service Providers as Customers Move to Cloud

  • As customers are moving to the Cloud, Veeam enables its resellers and service providers to help customers move to and manage data in a Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment, while greatly expanding the total addressable market to manage and protect public cloud and physical workloads
  • NEW Veeam Accredited Service Partner (VASP) program drives partner services revenue and engagement, with award-winning support
  • Veeam is strengthening its leadership position in the Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS) market with 100% channel model


Baar, Switzerland and VeeamON, New Orleans – May 16, 2017:  According to new research, 69 percent of enterprises feel that Availability is a requirement for Digital Transformation. To deliver on these needs, Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, today unveiled several partner-centric initiatives and offerings to help them drive revenue growth and leverage business opportunities as customers move to a Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment.

NEW offerings in Veeam ‘Always-On Cloud’ Availability Platform enable service providers and resellers to help customers migrate to and manage data in a Multi-Cloud environment while greatly expanding revenue opportunities to manage and protect public cloud and physical workloads. The new offerings and programs, specifically designed and priced for service delivery model, include and support:

  • Migrating, Managing and Protecting Public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure and other) workloads, physical servers and endpoints with NEW Veeam Service Provider Console and Veeam Agents;
  • Protecting Enterprise Mission-Critical Applications with NEW Veeam CDP and vCloud Director Integration for greatly-enhanced Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities;
  • Tape as a Service to help customers meet compliance requirements for archival and retention;
  • Microsoft Office 365 with NEW Multi-Tenancy, multi-repository and automation capabilities in Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365;
  • A NEW Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Directory to connect VARs and VCSPs;
  • Increase Professional Services Revenue and customer satisfaction with the NEW Veeam Accredited Service Provider program.

“Veeam is dedicated to enabling its ecosystem of ProPartners and Veeam Cloud and Service Provider partners (VCSPs) to help customers move and manage data in a Multi-Cloud environment. At VeeamON 2017, we are announcing a slew of new offerings and programs that will drive even greater partner services revenue and engagement,” said Peter McKay, co-CEO and President at Veeam.

Today, Veeam has the largest network of channel partners who deliver Veeam-powered solutions for cloud data management and protection, including 47,000 Veeam ProPartners and 15,000 VCSPs offering backup and disaster recovery services, including 2,900 partners who use Veeam Cloud Connect to offer backup and disaster recovery in the Cloud.

“Veeam has always been a 100 percent channel company. With these new solutions, Veeam is strengthening its leadership position in the Backup as a Service (BaaS) and DRaaS market and extends its 100 percent channel strategy from resellers to service providers,” McKay added.

Migrating, Managing and Protecting Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, and others)

As the adoption of cloud computing across organizations of all sizes grows, the ability to efficiently deliver, manage and monitor Availability infrastructure can be difficult. The new Veeam Service Provider Console – planned to be generally available in Q3 with its Release Candidate build launched at VeeamON 2017 this week – delivers everything a service provider or distributed enterprise needs to deploy, manage and monitor Veeam-powered Availability services — no matter where the protected workloads are hosted.

Veeam’s partners can add value by provisioning and managing customers’ virtual, physical and cloud-based Veeam Availability services, and generate new revenue streams by offering BaaS and DRaaS services alongside their traditional resale business lines.

Protecting Enterprise Mission-Critical Applications with NEW Veeam CDP and vCloud Director Integration

To minimize costs and reduce recovery times during a disaster, Veeam is introducing specific DRaaS enhancements for service providers, including:

  • Veeam CDP (continuous data protection) empowers service providers to help customers to protect and recover Tier-1 applications during a disaster, opening substantial revenue-generating services for VCSPs by using Veeam Cloud Connect. Veeam Cloud Connect uses vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) to offer continuous replication to private or managed clouds.
  • vCloud Director integration for Veeam Cloud Connect Replication, enabling partners to reduce daily management and maintenance cost, and simplify multi-tenant configuration by using vCloud organizations for DRaaS.

Tape as a Service (TaaS)

Tape as a Service (TaaS) for Veeam Cloud Connect Backups enables service providers to deliver an additional “tape out” service to help tenants meet compliance requirements for archival and long-term retention, have air-gapped backups to protect against ransomware or insider threat, and provide an additional layer of disaster recovery protection in case of complete storage loss.

NEW Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 with Multi-Tenancy

Veeam is also announcing an update to Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 with multi-tenancy, which delivers the ability for service providers to expand their platform of Veeam-powered services, creating new recurring revenue streams, and grow their service provider business

Veeam’s new update improves total cost of ownership and offers several key new features, including:

  • A multi-repository, multi-tenant architecture, enabling protection of larger Office 365 deployments with a single installation, while also empowering service providers to deliver Office 365 backup services;
  • Automation possibilities via RESTful API and PowerShell SDK to minimize management overhead, improve recovery times and reduce costs.

NEW Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Directory

The Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Directory is a FREE online platform where Veeam customers and partners can find a cloud and service provider in their area who offers hosted services using Veeam products. The directory provides complete visibility and direct connections that can fuel revenue growth.

NEW Veeam Accredited Service Provider Program

The new Veeam Accredited Service Partner (VASP) program enables its members to deliver high-quality professional services related to Veeam solutions and help customers realize increased reliability, along with greater value and return of investment of their investments in Veeam to architect, deploy and manage Veeam solutions.

The new program offers a range of member benefits, including:

  • Marketing promotion and visibility – Veeam will publicly recognize and promote VASPs as the top of technical excellence when it comes to delivering quality professional services around availability solutions, and aid lookup of VASPs for end-users on the Veeam website;
  • Increased technical services – access to best-practice guidance and documentation in the Veeam Service Catalog and Technical Library, along with dedicated senior pre-sales advisors;
  • Demonstration and training aids – regardless of Partner level ahead of joining VASP, certified Not-For-Resale (NFR) licenses will be available to demonstrate Availability Suite in product demos and training sessions;
  • Co-branding and marketing – VASPs will have documentation to answer RFPs, logos and banners for promotions and online marketing.

Today’s news follows Veeam’s initiative, announced in February 2017, to give away up to $200 million through an exclusive Veeam FREE Cloud Services program. Every customer using Veeam for on-premises backup and recovery is now eligible for up to $1,000 in free cloud backup and DRaaS from Veeam and its partners.

Strong Support from Veeam’s Largest Partners

“Today’s announcement reaffirms Veeam’s commitment to its partners,” said Tom Cahill, vice president, product and partner management, CDW. “We value our relationship with Veeam and look forward to our customers benefiting from these expanded offerings.”

“Veeam is an indispensable partner in helping iland deliver innovative cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to help global customers protect critical business applications and data,” said Brian Ussher, President of iland, a leading global provider of secure cloud services. “Like iland, Veeam is committed to driving innovative solutions and customer value and we’re excited at the great opportunities our partnership with Veeam continues to bring for our joint customers and partners.”

“As Veeam’s Corporate Reseller of the Year, we have a front-row seat to how great a focus our mutual clients have on digital transformation,” said Bob Kane, senior vice president of product management at Insight. “We’re committed partnering with leading vendors, like Veeam, to provide our clients with Intelligent Technology Solutions in order to transform their business. With Veeam, our clients have access to modern data center and virtual environment solutions that enhance their operations to help them run smarter.”

“Our partnership with Veeam is a success story that highlights what a committed business partnership can achieve. Veeam continues to innovate not only in the backup and DRaaS landscape but also with a powerful VCSP partner program that drives continued expansion into new markets and profitable offerings,” said Matthew Chesterton, CEO of OffsiteDataSync. “We’re excited about today’s announcements and the business opportunities opened by addressing key issues in the today’s tech landscape like protecting public and hybrid cloud workloads, continuous data protection (CDP) and air-gapped backups. Veeam continues to deliver solutions that dominate the backup and DRaaS market which is directly correlation to our success.”

“The cloud services arena is more dynamic than ever and Veeam is certainly a major creator of new opportunities for providers looking to enter a cloud business or expand their offering,” says William Bell, Vice President of Products at phoenixNAP. “PhoenixNAP is excited to partner with Veeam in helping companies explore those opportunities and leverage the potential with Veeam’s solutions that provide Availability for the Always-On Enterprise.”

“With today’s announcement, Veeam once again proves itself a committed partner and industry leader in achieving ultimate Availability for our clients,” said Mark Mercado, Vice President of Channel Sales at SingleHop.  “Cloud computing offers incredible opportunities in the backup and recovery space, but success requires the right technology and a keen understanding of customer needs. Veeam gets it -- their unerring capacity for innovation and willingness to collaborate with our product, sales and marketing teams make them the ideal partner.”

The full range of Veeam new products and solutions will be announced in New Orleans tomorrow at VeeamON, the world’s premier availability event. A recap of today’s VeeamON news is available at https://www.veeam.com/blog/day-1-highlights-veeamon-2017-partner-day.html.

For more information, please visit www.veeam.com.



About Veeam Software

Veeam recognizes the new challenges companies across the globe face in enabling the Always-On Enterprise, a business that must operate 24.7.365. To address this, Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data, through a fundamentally new kind of solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility. Veeam Availability Suite, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication, leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data center to help organizations save time, mitigate risks, and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs, while always supporting the current and future business goals of Veeam customers.

Founded in 2006, Veeam currently has 47,000 ProPartners and more than 242,000 customers worldwide. Veeam's global headquarters are located in Baar, Switzerland, and the company has offices throughout the world. To learn more, visit https://www.veeam.com.