Veeam and Cisco deliver hyper-Availability

Andy Vandeveld, VP of Global Strategic Alliances

Veeam alliance

Published date: March 2, 2017

Have you suffered downtime in your business over the past 12 months? If you have, you’re not alone. According to our 2016 Availability Report, on average, a business has 15 unplanned downtime events per year, and non-mission critical application downtime is increasing too. Added to that, less than half of the businesses tested their backups (yes, not all backups are successful!), and it paints a worrying picture, a picture that costs businesses around $16 million. Incredible isn't it?

Here at Veeam, the team has spent a lot of time thinking about this costly situation and working on products that help reduce risk of such costs. Today, we’re really pleased to announce another new offering with one of the storage industry’s best players, Cisco.

Our new integration with Cisco HyperFlex enables enterprise businesses to lower their risk of data loss and unplanned downtime, and ultimately eliminates the exposure to such damaging financial and non-financial costs too. Sounds good, right?

Just a few weeks ago, Cisco made good on its promise at the launch of HyperFlex, continuing to deliver an aggressive roadmap of functionality. Today, Veeam joins that functionality with a new deep integration into the hyperconverged infrastructure that lowers your business’ risk of downtime and data loss.

I’ll spare you the technical details … in a nutshell, we've infused all of the great qualities of Veeam Availability Suite into Cisco hardware, just lower down the stack.

We no longer rely on the VMware virtual machine (VM) snapshots when a backup is taking place. Instead, we use the built-in HyperFlex snapshots. This means we eliminate the load placed on the production VMs that your staff are already using to do their jobs, free up resources and drive business efficiency.

As a result of the direct integration, we can also cut backup times in half. The knock-on benefit of this means your team can run a backup at any time and at any frequency. That gives a business more options with its backup and disaster recovery plans.

It becomes clear pretty quickly that your business’ risk against the $16 million figure I quoted earlier is lowered by this development. That’s an enormous upside for every enterprise level organization looking to navigate the business challenges 2017 will undoubtedly throw at us.

Learn more about Veeam and Cisco solutions, here.

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