Don’t be another IT statistic — eliminate your Availability Gap with NetApp and Veeam

Peter Ruchatz, Chief Marketing Officer


It’s safe to say that users expect their applications to be Always On. When was the last time you remember Google search or Gmail being unavailable? Or Amazon’s web store? How about UBER? And, if for some reason you couldn’t access these services, they likely became available shortly after resetting your browser. The fact is that users expect a similar Availability experience everywhere they go.

Now, you may argue that your business is not a Google, Amazon or UBER, but it doesn’t matter. Unless you can consistently provide a reliable service to your customers, you’re at risk of losing them to a competitor who can.

And yet, 84% of IT planners believe they have an Availability Gap between what their customers, partners and users expect and what they can actually provide.  

On average, businesses lose up to $16M annually because of this Availability Gap! This could lead to loss of revenue, business opportunities, credibility, prestige, etc. 

Fortunately, this is something that businesses of all sizes can proactively address without requiring a Google or Amazon-like infrastructure budget.

What’s more, organizations can enhance application Availability, simplify IT operational management and lower their IT costs by leveraging an Availability solution that directly integrates with their NetApp storage investments and their virtualized server infrastructure. 

Businesses can gain deep visibility into the real-time health of their virtualized environment, on premises and in the cloud, to address any application Availability issues BEFORE they impact critical business services.

In this video, we show you how NetApp and Veeam help you eliminate the Availability Gap and increase your confidence in the health of your application environment, so you don’t have to worry about becoming another ill-fated IT statistic.

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