How to create merged Veeam licenses (v9.5 U4 and later)

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This KB article is to create merged licenses for Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4 and later only. If you require a merged license for v9.5 Update 3a or earlier, OR IF YOU HAVE ONLY PERPETUAL LICENSING, please follow this guide:

This KB only applies to versions Veeam Backup & Replication v9.5 U4 and later, and Veeam Agents v3.

This article describes the process of merging Veeam licenses.



A license file installed in your Veeam software replaces the information from the previous license. A merged license file allows for increased socket capacity by combining licenses from multiple Support IDs.

Please note that the merged license key will use the earliest support expiration date of all product keys.

Important: Only License Administrators can merge licenses.


NOTE! Licenses can be merged only if the following terms match:

Perpetual License Keys

•    First name, Last name, Email, Company for Perpetual License Keys
•    Edition
•    License Type
•    Product name

Subscription License Keys

•    Licensee company, Licensee e-mail, Licensee first name, Licensee last name
•    Edition
•    License Type

Your License Administrator may obtain a merged license file by following the steps below.

1.    Log on to the Veeam My Account dashboard and go to License management >> Production Licenses(U4) (

2.    If you are managing multiple accounts, please select the account you are performing the merge for. Once you have made the selection all the products under the account will be visible.
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3. To start the merge process, please use the License merge link:
User-added image

4.    Now you can select the Products and the contracts you want to merge. You can select several compatible product licenses to merge into one license file.
User-added image

5.    After you have selected the contracts you want to merge, you will have to click the Preview button to view the new licenses information.
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6.    After you have verified the information’s of the page you will have to use the “Merge Licenses” button to finalize the merge process.

More Information

1.    To revert the License Key merge operation, Customers may choose “Cancel merge” to destroy the merged license and revert to original product License Keys.
2.    License Key split option on the Customer portal is available to selected Customers only. All contract split operations require opening a licensing support case at
3.    Please note that the license auto-update feature does NOT correctly update merged licenses created on the license management portal. If you have enabled auto-update, disable it before installing a merged license from the license management portal.
4.    More info about the merge policy here

Please be aware that we’re making changes which will restrict access to product updates for users without an active contract.


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