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The New FastSCP 2.0 (Fast & Secure Copy) offers major improvements including, direct copy between ESX servers, the ability to work with multiple ESX servers within a single interface, and complete file management

COLUMBUS, Ohio, February 26, 2007 – Veeam Software, a provider of best-of-breed VMware infrastructure management solutions for virtual machines (VMs), today announced the release of Veeam FastSCP 2.0 for VMware ESX Server.

Veeam FastSCP is a fast, secure and easy-to-use tool to perform file management in ESX environment. FastSCP allows a user to copy files from ESX to Windows, Windows to ESX or ESX to ESX. This is the most natural way to deliver an ISO file to ESX Server, make a backup copy of an existing virtual machine (VM) or copy VMs and templates between ESX servers. FastSCP ensures security by using a one-time password feature and works over 6 times faster than SCP.

The new version is built on the success of the first version and includes a number of major improvements:

  • ESX to ESX direct copy. FastSCP 2.0 allows a user to copy files directly between ESX servers or within one ESX server. Copying is fast and secure and doesn’t require any configuration or setup.
  • Multiple ESX Management. The new version allows a user to work with several ESX servers at the same time within a single interface. All servers are displayed as a folder tree in the Windows Explorer-like UI. The user can easily navigate through the folder tree and switch from one server to another.
  • Complete File Management & Windows Integration. FastSCP allows a user to work with ESX servers just like one works with files and folders in Windows. FastSCP supports both Drag n’ Drop and Copy & Paste.

Veeam FastSCP doesn’t require any ESX server reconfiguration. It has a Windows Explorer-like user interface familiar to any Windows user. Any administrator can install FastSCP on his/her workstation and start copying files right away.

In a short period of time since its first release in October, 2006 FastSCP has become a very popular tool among ESX administrators“- said Ratmir Timashev, Veeam Software president and CEO. “The new version is built on customer feedback, and brings the product to the next level with new functionality, scalability, security and ease-of-use.”    

To learn more about Veeam FastSCP 2.0, please follow the link: https://www.veeam.com/fastscp_datasheet.pdf

Veeam FastSCP is free and intended for VMware administrators. It is available as a free download at: https://www.veeam.com/vmware-esxi-fastscp.html

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