Looking back on 2020, giving back to you

I don’t know how to explain 2020 in a blog form, but chances are I don’t need to as each of you have had your own experience this year that warrants a reaction. As I look back on what 2020 has meant for me here at Veeam, this also is an opportunity that I feel is the right time to let the Veeam community know that we are here for our customers, partners and more. I will say it is very comforting to know that Veeam is a stable company for unstable times. 

Ways to engage in Veeam Communities in 2021

There are a few things that Veeam is working on that I want to highlight as we go into 2021. The first is a new community to engage with, the Veeam Community Resource Hub

The Community Resource Hub is yet another way to interact with Veeam and other IT professionals. What I learned about IT communities is that different experts need different ways to engage for sharing and learning. This is the latest innovation provided by Veeam in community engagement. 

An opportunity to give back to the Veeam Community

Another new initiative worth sharing is the annual Happy Holidays giveaway here at Veeam. We have done a number of different approaches over the years here, one big prize, a small number of big prizes, shopping spree, fixed items and some in-person giveaways. This year, we’re giving away three prizes to 20 winners. The prizes include a GPS drone, Bose headset and a 4K Wi-Fi action camera. These are rather awesome prizes, and the best part is you can register to win the lucky draw online here for free. 

The best Veeam Community out there

I’m also grateful for the IT communities at Veeam that we interact with. The Veeam Vanguards have been great in 2020, in spite of the circumstances associated with current conditions. In fact, nominations are open for the Vanguard class of 2021 until mid-January 2021.

What can we expect in 2021 from Veeam Communities?

Going forward in 2021 we will see Veeam continue to build on what is working well in 2020. Did you know that 2020 had the most product releases ever at Veeam? 2021 will be my 11th year at Veeam and I can say the future is brighter than ever here. 

We at Veeam appreciate everyone’s engagement in our community efforts and hope that you can find your best fit. Whether it’s via the Veeam Forums, the Community Resource Hub, as a Veeam Vanguard or other external resources. Regardless of where and how you engage with the community, everyone can register for the Happy Holidays giveaway and we wish everyone a smart, safe and prosperous 2021 and beyond.

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