Leader in customer satisfaction for 6 years in a row

Since our inception in 2006, we have always made the success of our customers our highest priority. In fact, one of our company values is that regardless of their role, every Veeam employee is expected to jump in and do whatever they can to ensure the success of customers. Even after growing to more than 365,000 customers, the positive feedback and success stories we get from our customers help drive our product teams to continue delivering innovation, our support teams to continue resolving issues quickly, and our sales teams to continue helping people solve their business challenges day in and day out.

Like with any good data company, the numbers matter to us at Veeam. Every year, we benchmark ourselves to ensure customer satisfaction remains high, and I am delighted that in 2019 our customers have rated Veeam with a tremendous Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75. But, is 75 good? If you look at the industry at large — not just the technology sector — NPS scores vary, but very few cite scores higher than 60. With a score of 75, Veeam has radically exceeded the market average (more than 3x the average), and this is the sixth consecutive year we have achieved that status.

In our 2019 customer satisfaction study, we surveyed Veeam users across all geographies and market segments for their feedback on a number of areas, including:

  • Satisfaction level
  • Likelihood to recommend Veeam
  • Likelihood to renew their relationship with Veeam
  • Product features and functionality

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) remained strong in 2019, achieving 9.0+ scores across all categories:

  • 91% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with Veeam as a software vendor
  • 91% of Veeam customers would recommend Veeam solutions to their friends and colleagues
  • 91% of Veeam customers plan to renew their contract when their current contract is complete
  • 90% of Veeam customers are completely satisfied with features and functionality offered by the Veeam products they are using

These numbers matter to us more than just about any others at Veeam. It means that we’re achieving our objective of taking care of the people that matter most to us, our customers. Together with our NPS, these scores represent very powerful feedback from Veeam customers all over the world. I am so proud of our Veeam Team for achieving these results! They fuel every Veeamer to continue focusing on exceeding customers’ expectations and to continue our mission to deliver Cloud Data Management for our customers.

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