Veeam + NetApp – Delivering the Always-On Next-gen Data Center

I am excited to announce today that the NetApp resale of Veeam Availability solutions is now live!

At Veeam, delivering IT simplicity is at the heart of our ethos and culture. And for over a decade, we have a track record of delivering Availability solutions that literally delight our customers.

Likewise, NetApp has an enduring legacy of making IT simple. In fact, for the last 25 years, businesses of all sizes have come to rely on NetApp Data Fabric solutions to help them move, manage, protect and share their most critical data assets.

The challenge for IT is that they often spend more time on the care and feeding of their application infrastructure than they spend helping their business innovate. As business application and data demands continue to explode, many IT shops struggle with just keeping their legacy applications and data available, much less bringing new ones online.

So, what better way to help solve the vexing IT challenges our customers face than by doing it together with NetApp?

Together, Veeam, NetApp and our extensive ecosystem of partners are bringing Next Generation Data Center solutions to market that will help our joint customers simplify their IT. We are helping them consolidate silos of IT infrastructures into flexible, web-scale platforms that accelerate performance and enhance Availability. These solutions allow beleaguered IT professionals to spend less time on day-to-day IT housekeeping and more time on helping their business innovate.

Veeam #1 Availability + NetApp SolidFire, NetApp HCI and FlexPod SF helps businesses accelerate IT transformation through joint solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to scale.

And through a single purchase order, our customers can deploy these pre-validated Next Generation Data Center technologies and break the shackles of IT complexity. They can also attain superior performance levels, enhanced Availability and improved operational efficiencies.

NetApp’s SolidFire scale-out flash solution is unique in the market because it provides organizations with the ability to attain massive IT consolidation — without compromising application performance. This is especially important for businesses that wish to lay the foundation for a private cloud capable of supporting multi-tenant environments with mixed application workloads.

Likewise, Veeam’s agentless architecture provides enterprise-class scalability for private-cloud environments through deep integration with the virtualized infrastructure. Moreover, Veeam’s intelligent data-management capabilities streamline IT operations, while also enabling businesses to get a higher return on their investments in primary and secondary NetApp storage.

These solutions enable organizations to respond more quickly to real-time business demands by providing advanced levels of IT automation, predictable performance, enterprise-class scalability and Always-On Availability, for mission-critical workloads across private-cloud environments.

Veeam #1 Availability solutions, paired with NetApp SolidFire, NetApp HCI and FlexPod SF, truly deliver a “better together” solution for businesses of all sizes by simplifying IT, lowering costs, reducing risk and increasing business agility.

We look forward to working with NetApp and our partners to earn your business!

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