RyanW – Where are you?

RyanW, if you are reading this then please know that we are out there looking for you! Just a couple of weeks ago on October 21 you told Symantec on their Backup Exec forum that you were having problems with your current Backup Exec solution and that you were a little frustrated. You also wrote on their forum:

“Anyone? If this is the way the Agent for VMware is, I need to find a way to get a refund and remove my license. I’ll pick up VEEAM V5 which does all of this without an agent on the servers and has granular restore capabilities without buying additional agents (such as the SQL and Active Directory agent). That’s just ridiculous!”

So where are you RyanW?

We are looking for you!

We want to find you and give you a chance to switch to Veeam v5! In fact, we want to give you “Veeam Backup & Replication v5 with vPower” as a gift – yes, for FREE – just because of who you are, the very RyanW who told Symantec how it is and what Veeam v5 with vPower is all about. Thank you for thinking of us! And thank you for spreading the good word that v5 is a great product!

RyanW, if you see this, please email us at RyanW@veeam.com and we would be excited to meet you! We hope to find you soon!

Source: Symantec Connect Forums, Post “VMWare Full Backups are not grabbing Server 08 System State or SQL Databases OR Exchange?” by RyanW

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