Can you restore your Salesforce data?

As Veeam released Veeam Backup for Salesforce, Veeam also published the data protection industry’s first independent research project on protecting Salesforce data by surveying 800 unbiased respondents across three personas (Salesforce administrators, backup administrators, IT operations): The 2022 Salesforce Protection Trends Report.

This blog series previously covered the “why” behind backing up Salesforce data and who is often responsible for it.  This week, we’ll look closer at the confidence or concerns that organizations had in actually being able to restore their Salesforce data:

While analyzing the data, we found that the backup administrator was more confident than the Salesforce administrator that their organization could restore all their data and metadata without issue. This line of thinking could arguably be due to a lack of understanding the endless customizations that are possible in Salesforce. The backup administrator may see Salesforce as being similar to the other products they back up, like Microsoft 365, but the differences in these two products are vast.

We also discovered that less than half of these organizations felt that they could restore 100 records in one business day, and another 30% could take from two days to a week. Where would that leave your team if you had no access to Salesforce data?

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We hope this blog series and the research report was helpful!  If you missed the earlier installments in the series, check these out:

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Download the 2022 Salesforce Protection Trends Report and be sure to check out the Veeam Backup for Salesforce information.

Blog summary: What are the concerns organizations have when it comes to backing up their Salesforce data? Not being able to access your data for even one day can create a huge, company-wide problem.

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