Today Veeam released a free version of it's VMware monitoring tool, Veeam Monitor 3.0 Free Edition. There are plenty of other places where you can go and read all about it, including the product site. I'd rather take this space to thank all of those who have helped make this product launch a success. Thanks to the power of Twitter and the great bloggers out there, word of this release spread quickly and our marketing department did an excellent job of putting out just enough information to keep everyone interested. The following list may not be complete, if I have forgotten someone please let me know in the comments and I'lll update the post...

Scott Lowe

Rick Scherer

Rich Brambley - he really got things rolling thanks to this tweet from me

Jason Boche - Jason got the last clue which Rich used to figure out the gift

Eric Sloof - Eric did a quick Jing video in his "First Findings" post!.html

Alan Renouf AKA Virtual-Al

Rodney Haywood - thanks Rodos for giving us marketing cred over VMware

Mike Laverick - A longtime friend of Veeam

Jim Kenzig - Go Indians!

Kevin Goodman - Great guy, follow him on Twitter

Rod Trent - of myITForum fame

Gerben Kloosterman from Getronics

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