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In case you haven’t heard, Veeam has released Veeam Configurator 2.0 Beta. While some of the functionality of the original Configurator is still there, the major improvement in 2.0 is the idea of configuration templates for your ESX hosts. The template functionality works with ESX 3.x, including ESXi.

Many of you who attended VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas may have attended sessions on what’s coming up from VMware. While I can’t go into details, one of the features announced was Host Profiles, check out a video from VMware.
With Veeam Configurator 2.0 Beta you can get some of that functionality today. Configurator 2.0 allows you to do the following with VI3:
  • Scan your entire Virtual Infrastructure and create templates for each unique host configuration discovered for both network and storage
  • Scan your entire Virtual Infrastructure and create reports on differences of any host that does not have the same configuration as a template
  • Apply a template to any host to bring its configuration back in line
  • Undo the apply template operation in case something goes wrong
Check it out today by downloading it and letting us know what you think.

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