VeeamON 2014 Day 2 Recap

VeeamON continues through its second day combining both partners and customers for a day full of training, content and fun. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened on this busy day:

The morning started with the general session where all attendees had a great showcase of the entire Veeam offering. We heard from Veeam CEO Ratmir Timashev on his vision for the company and the markets we serve from both the customer and partner perspectives.clip_image002

The general session then focused on key customer stories of how Veeam products have addressed data center availability challenges. These challenges are addressed by pillars that deliver the Veeam message at a high level:


  • High-Speed Recovery
  • Data Loss Avoidance
  • Verified Protection
  • Leveraged Data
  • Complete Visibility

The general session continued on to discuss key partners and prepare everyone for the rest of the day.


After lunch, many attendees are now underway with the (Veeam Certified Engineer) VMCE training. The VMCE course is being offered at VeeamON for a discounted rate, and is a great way to differentiate yourself in the field for this great training program.

Today we also had a press release announcing new leadership for North America. Jim Tedesco has joined Veeam as Senior Vice President, North America Sales.

For attendees who were not in the VMCE track, they had an opportunity to attend great sessions that were delivered by Veeam experts, industry experts and key analysts. This was an opportunity to get focused access to the details of Veeam products that up until this point haven’t been offered anywhere else. Topics such as tips and tricks for installing Veeam ONE in large environments, best practices for VMware backups, the top 10 misconfigurations from our support experts and more. Additionally, our key partners were presenting this afternoon as well with their solutions for the modern data center.

Throughout the day, the LAB WARZ competition is continuing and the bar has been set! Ideen Jahanshahi from Oklahoma is on the leaderboard now, but can he hold it?

After all the work was done, it was time to kick back! A lot of content was taken in and Tuesday night had a Happy Hour in the Expo Lounge as well as the legendary party held at Lights Night Club in Las Vegas.


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