VeeamON 2014 Day 3 Recap

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For those who missed it, roundup of the day #1, roundup of the day #2

We’re still here, in amazing Las Vegas, and just came from the closing keynote of the first ever VeeamON. Just in case you were unable to join us today, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about day #3 with Veeam!


A Tour of the Modern Data Center

Even though it was an exciting (and exhausting!) night at the VeeamON 2014 party, the third day of VeeamON 2014 still launched on schedule and without a glitch. Well, not for everyone….

One group of early risers went on an excursion to Cobalt’s Cheyenne Data Center. It was a rare opportunity to see a state-of-the-art facility up close and personal. This data center operates in the sweltering desert of Nevada and is a sight that we will always remember. A second group of lucky VeeamON attendees will get to tour the facility pretty soon.

Imagine this: 7-level authentication security checkpoint, utility service of 5.5 MVA with (6) 7.5 MVA generators, 450 cabinets with chimney air returns, N+2 HVAC redundancy, a capacity of up to 600 watts per sq.ft. and much more. Overall, an amazing facility!

Quote of the day: “The data center tour was actually cool. I could spend hours watching the Norse cyber attack monitor” by Ian Hardie.



Technical Sessions

At the conference, attendees enjoyed another round of cutting-edge sessions by technical experts from leading companies. The speakers all shared knowledge they’ve gained through years of hands-on practice and discussed their personal expectations for upcoming technologies. Sessions included:

  • Protecting Data of Small Government Organizations with Veeam Availability Suite, by Jim Jones
  • Storage &Networking Best Practices for vSphere Environments, by Chris Wahl
  • Designing Hyper-V, the Right Way, by Dave Kawula
  • Using Veeam Backup & Replication in an IaaS-Environment with vCAC, Nutanix &NSX, by Joep Piscaer
  • Server-Side Storage Intelligence with PernixData & Veeam, by Todd Mace & Luca Dell’Oca

Since I wasn’t able to attend all of the sessions personally, I asked a few attendees to share their impressions. Everyone I spoke to was pleasantly surprised by how much vendors really understood about the problems and needs of their customers. Attendees were also impressed by the many practical solutions and instruments vendors suggested to help eliminate obstacles and resolve issues that often made life unbearable for customers. All of the sessions were recorded, so stay tuned to hear when these recorded versions will be available.


Business Sessions

There were several business breakouts at this day as well. IT industry leaders talked about many of the challenges they’ve recently resolved, the methods they used to resolve those challenges and their vision of the overall future for modern data centers. A short list of topics is listed below:

  • Veeam Customers Deploy Veeam Worldwide, Manage Rapid Growth Rate &Meet Aggressive SLAs, by Ray Ciscon &Brent Dunington
  • Cloud OS: Microsoft’s Vision of the Unified Platform for Modern Business, by Symon Perriman
  • HP + Veeam: Revolutionizing Data Protection for the Virtualized World
  • Redefining Data Protection in the Virtualized World (NEXSAN),by Gary Watson
  • Availability for the Modern Data Center with Nimble Storage &Veeam, by Sheldon D’Paiva


As you probably know, IT trends today focus on modern data centers. Unlike old datacenters, data in modern data centers is available 24×7 and user data is protected ALL of the time, including during a disaster. According to these IT leaders, developing cloud technologies, storage appliances and protection software solutions are all helping companies meet their goals of reliability and fault tolerance.

In addition of that, we had a couple of “most demanded sessions” which were basically repetitions from previous days. Everyone had another chance to learn best practices of Veeam Backup & Replication and VeeamONE deployments.


Endpoint Protection by Veeam

A special announcement came from Veeam CEO and President, Ratmir Timashev who said that Veeam would give everyone Veeam Endpoint Backup Free, a free solution to back up Windows-based desktops and laptops. Yes, you read that correctly: physical desktops and laptops! For more details about acquiring this free solution, read the blog post by @Mike Resseler.



Closing keynote ceremony

Even though VeeamON 2014 will continue for one more day to finish up the training for 200+ people preparing for their Veeam Certified Specialists (VMCE) exam, today  is the final day for the majority of attendees.

During ceremony we announced the results of the LAB WARZ. 10k dollars went to Ideen Jahanshahi from Oklahoma who, from now on, should be considered as a best Veeam engineer in the world! Congrats to Ideen, you’ve deserved it but, remember, that we might challenge you next year!



The closing keynote finished with a very inspirational speech from co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, who shared funny facts from Reddit history and gave us a boost of energy in order to “make the world suck less”.


That’s it, folks! It was a pleasure! We will need some time to evaluate this amazing event, but I have a very strong feeling that we will decide it is definitely worth repeating. If so, I hope we will see YOU at VeeamON 2015!

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