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City of Rancho Cucamonga Relies on Veeam to Ensure Critical Information About COVID-19 is Available, Accessible and Protected

In partnership with global cloud service provider iland, Veeam enhances the data protection strategy for Rancho Cucamonga by simplifying the data backup process and increasing data recovery speed

COLUMBUS, Ohio: August 25, 2020:  Veeam Software, the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, today announced the City of Rancho Cucamonga simplified and modernized its data backup and recovery system with the Veeam Availability Suite. Rancho Cucamonga recently modernized its IT infrastructure in partnership with iland and Nth Generation, replacing legacy backup systems and backing up data to iland Secure Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect to protect it from earthquakes and damage. As a result of these efforts, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the modernized system ensured life-saving information was readily available and accessible to residents via the city’s website.

Located just south of San Bernardino County, California, the City of Rancho Cucamonga is one of the largest, safest and fastest growing metropolitan areas in Southern California. The city's diverse residential opportunities, award-winning architecture and extensive community services make it a popular homeowner destination. Incorporated in 1977, Rancho Cucamonga has approximately 177,000 residents, 500 full-time employees and 450 part-time employees. Prior to modernizing its IT infrastructure, data backup was a complicated process for the city, one that required an IT team member to monitor the process for approximately 40 hours each month. Its data recovery was time-consuming, taking hours or days to recover from tape. Knowing how important it is to have resources, tools and communication strategies available to the community, the City of Rancho Cucamonga decided to make a change that would eliminate backup and recovery complications and downtime.

“Keeping life-saving information available to residents is a top priority for our IT team and downtime has never been an option,” said Darryl Polk, Chief Innovation Officer for Rancho Cucamonga. “Our team has 100 years of combined IT experience, so we knew exactly what we wanted: fast, easy data protection. Veeam makes it so easy to extend data protection to the cloud. We chose iland because of the level of service they provide – we never have to worry about getting the city up and running again in a catastrophe.”

“Veeam’s Cloud Data Management was part of our IT modernization strategy from the very beginning. When COVID-19 hit, we didn’t lose any sleep worrying that the availability, reliably and recovery of our data,” said Polk. “Our experience with Veeam has been so positive, we’re considering Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 next to protect our data in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. We’re also considering a public cloud for cost-efficient, long-term retention.”

The Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report notes that 40 percent of organizations still rely on legacy systems to protect their data and 95 percent of organizations suffer outages that last, on average, almost two hours. Recognizing the challenges its legacy backup system was creating, in 2017 the City of Rancho Cucamonga began modernizing its IT infrastructure and deployed the Veeam Availability Suite. As a result of the modernization, the city simplified the data backup process and increased recovery speed by 99 percent ultimately saving 40 hours each month and ensuring public safety information is available around the clock. Veeam also protects the city’s public safety video network that monitors areas for crime, the library’s online system offering electronic reading materials, and the city’s Adopt A Pet portal for fostering or adopting homeless animals.

“Cities around the country are under immense pressure to keep the resources, information, and tools that protect and inform their communities available at all times. An outage that makes this information unavailable can have catastrophic consequences, especially during a time like now. Rancho Cucamonga realized they needed to make a change, and acted upon it,” said Paul Strelzick, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Americas at Veeam. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with the city as they extend their data protection capabilities. A disaster can hit at any time, without warning, however the actions taken by the City of Rancho Cucamonga means their data will be protected.”

“Now, more than ever, cities and local governments need to ensure that their data is secure and readily available. At iland, we make it our mission to do just that,” said Brian Ussher, iland President and Co-founder. “Whether it be ransomware, earthquakes, power outages or other disasters, iland has the resources and proven technology to address whatever issues arise in a simple and pain-free manner. We are proud to help cities like Rancho Cucamonga and others tackle the added challenges associated with COVID-19 and achieve their IT goals.”

For more information and the full success story, visit https://www.veeam.com/success-stories/rancho-cucamonga.html.