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Palmaz Vineyards Chooses Veeam to Protect Priceless Data, Improve Efficiency and Reduce Backup and Recovery Costs

Partnership of technology and viticulture results in smarter, data-driven winemaking; Veeam ensures data is available for informed business decisions throughout the growth and fermentation process

COLUMBUS, Ohio – March 5, 2020:  Veeam Software, a leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, today announces that Palmaz Vineyards, a family-owned and operated winery, is using Veeam Backup Essentials to ensure important data is protected. As the family combines the art of winemaking with data-driven decision making, it is critical to access, use and protect its propriety information.

Based in Napa Valley, California, the 600-acre estate has 64 acres of vineyards spanning three distinct elevations with different microclimates that produce distinct wines. At the heart of the operations is an 18-story, 100,000-square-foor subterranean winery which contains 24 fermentation tanks. These tanks must be monitored constantly for proper wine creation. The family built its own monitoring systems, The Fermentation Intelligence Logic Control System (FILCS), to alert winemakers if adjustments needed to be made in a tank.

“FILCS provides a large amount of real-time data on the fermentation process so our winemakers can concentrate on the artistic elements of each wine,” said Christian Palmaz, CEO of Palmaz Vineyards. “When FILCS starting monitoring just 6 of our 24 tanks, we were creating more than 1 GB of data an hour. We needed to protect this information, so we originally turned to the public cloud. Yet, that didn’t work given the time and cost to retrieve the data was close to $40,000 a month. We needed a more affordable, but still scalable system.”

In addition to the fermentation data, the vineyard needed to protect information for the Vineyard Infrared Optical Recognition (VIGOR) system. This data comes from infrared images taken by cameras attached to planes that fly over the vineyards to track chlorophyll in each grape vine to monitor the evenness of growth. Palmaz Vineyard selected Veeam Backup Essentials to deliver its enterprise disaster recovery plan and protect information on its vineyard and grape fermentation process. Veeam backups 36 VMware vSphere virtual machines for fast local recovery; replicates them to a second site and sends them to Amazon Glacier for long-term storage.

“Our data is priceless. With Veeam, we are assured that all the information is protected – and if needed – can be recovered quickly. Data protection cannot be easier now,” said Palmaz. “Veeam supports our mission to love the land, know the grape and make a wine that honors both.”

According to the 2019 Veeam Cloud Data Management Report,lost data from mission-critical application downtime can cost companies approximately $102,450 per hour. The survey found that the ability to recover systems and data quickly is critical to limiting the damage to a business.

“For Palmaz Vineyards, it’s essential that they can access their data quickly as the FILCS machine learning compute engine is very time-sensitive. Lost data could result in an error in fermentation or irrigation of the fields,” said Paul Strelzick, Senior Vice President of Americas at Veeam. “With Veeam, Palmaz Vineyards is secure in the knowledge that it is protected at all times as well as having the added benefit of saving significant time and money in backup and recovery costs.”

For more information and the full success story, visit https://www.veeam.com/success-stories/palmaz-vineyard.html.