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Unipres Mexicana Relies on Veeam Solutions to Guarantee Operational Availability and Avoid Downtime Costs of up to US $12,000 per Hour

In addition to reducing data backup and recovery times by 95 percent, the company also optimized costs and continues to drive its success by ensuring its business is Always-On

Mexico City, Mexico, April 3, 2018. Veeam Software, the industry innovator in Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, has announced that Unipres Mexicana, an automotive body parts manufacturer and exporter based in Aguascalientes, Mexico, has implemented Veeam Availability Suite Enterprise (VAS Enterprise)to guarantee operations and business continuity by providing high availability rates for its IT equipment, applications and data, in addition to the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) in its production area. Implemented by Veeam Gold ProPartner T Networks, Veeam Availability Suite has helped to accelerate data backup and recovery for the company as well as optimize costs by reducing the resources and time required to protect data.


The VAS Enterprise platform includes Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE to cover both the backup and recovery of infrastructure, applications and data, as well as the monitoring and full visibility of the state of health of the IT infrastructure. In such a way, it offers availability for all workloads (from physical and virtual to those in the cloud) from a single management console.


For Unipres Mexicana, stalled production costs up to US $12,000 per hour, which is why it is of vital importance that the company has high availability to ensure business is Always-On. When it came time to renew the license of its legacy backup software, T Networks presented the Veeam platform as a better solution.


“The advances we made by deploying VAS Enterprise were massive,” said Emmanuel Román, Data Center Administrator at Unipres Mexicana. “Veeam Backup & Replication has helped us both to protect our physical environment, where we store business applications which are critical for us, and to make backing up and recovering our virtual environment much easier. Additionally, Veeam ONE has helped us to continue our virtualization plan thanks to its real-time performance in addition to the monitoring, reporting and analysis it generates.”


With Veeam, Unipres Mexicana can back up its data on both disk and tape, so that data is protected even if one of the storage methods is damaged. In the past, when the company used a different backup tool, any damage or loss of tape led to major costs in terms of the man hours needed for the data recovery.


According to Román, it used to take 10 minutes to back up a file. With Veeam solutions, this process takes just 30 seconds, 95 percent less time compared to the previous solution. Recovering an entire virtual machine now takes only five minutes. The increased speed and efficiency help Unipres Mexicana optimize costs, ensuring that both its IT department and lines of business take better advantage of the working day and are more productive as they operate without interruptions.


“For us, it is of critical importance that we are able to maintain total reliability, availability and speed,” said Román. “Thanks to Veeam, we have not only seen major improvements in the agility and efficiency of our backup and recovery processes, but we have also ensured that our business is always-on, which is essential in ensuring the success of Unipres. In the event of any contingency, we have the response capacity we need.”


Veeam’s flagship product, VAS enables organizations to become Always-On Enterprises by ensuring availability for all workloads (whether physical, virtual or cloud-based) from a single management console.


Veeam ONE provides complete visibility of the entire IT environment (including physical, virtual and cloud workloads) through proactive monitoring and alert notifications so that IT professionals can always be aware of potential problems with physical servers, virtual machines, PC and cloud-based resources, before they cause any impact to the operation.


For further information about Veeam solutions, please visit http://www.veeam.com/es/.


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