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Veeam Delivers Simplified Cloud Data Management Solutions for Consolidated Minerals Ltd.

Solution generates 80% reduction on man-hours and an estimated 70% reduction in cost

AUSTRALIA, 20 August 2019: Veeam Software, the leader in backup solutions that enable Cloud Data Management, has helped industry leading mining company Consolidated Minerals Ltd. (ConsMin) improve data management processes across its IT system. With data held in a myriad of locations — SQL databases, ERP software and on-premises environments — the business saw an opportunity to bring its data together in a cloud infrastructure that was flexible, integration-focused and secure, promising more productive and cost-efficient practices.  

ConsMin was undergoing a process of streamlining its administration and IT functions, and implemented Veeam as an easy-to-use, Cloud Data Management solution. Veeam Availability Suite Enterprise Edition was the software that enabled the IT department to deliver Availability to its customers.  

The move to Veeam resulted in considerable cost savings. ConsMin is no longer burdened by the cost of data tapes nor the cost involved with transporting them. Back payments on old maintenance and support tickets totaled more than the outlay to deploy Veeam altogether and the bill to renew the previous system was around three times Veeam's cost too.

In addition, the implementation of Veeam has resulted in considerable time savings for the business, as the staff have not had to manage and maintain backups manually.

Working with Veeam has introduced a new paradigm of Cloud Data Management to ConsMin. Under the old IT regime, ConsMin’s didn't even have accurate data coming in to the system, with information about frontline operations often coming in manually and having to be reconciled. Today, the Veeam platform offers a complete view of data fidelity and security.

“Any new solution adopted by ConsMin had to adhere to the three core values that I maintain, not just with my IT team but in my career; simplicity, scalability and minimal administrative effort. It was these benchmarks the previous system didn't meet because it was much more complicated than it needed to be,” said Earl Metcalf, ICT Coordinator, Consolidated Minerals.

"One of the primary reasons we went with Veeam was because it was a lot simpler than other vendors. For example, I don't manage the backup system myself, but just the other day I logged into the Veeam platform and restored some old files from it, even though I had no idea how to do it — it was that easy."

“At Veeam, we’re constantly thinking about how we can create technology that is simple and easy to use. It is one of the things we really pride ourselves on. There is a growing demand for businesses to keep up with the demands of Cloud Data Management, so reducing admin and back up time is essential,” said Gary Mitchell, Vice President, ANZ at Veeam Software.